Go Jetters

Meet four adventure-seeking superhero Go Jetters as they explore places all around planet Earth.

2 saisons, 97 épisodes (11min)
CBeebies, en cours
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - The Eiffel Tower, France
Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! In this animated adventure comedy series,...
Diffusé le 27/10/2015
S01E02 - The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Glitch creates trouble with a little pyramid when he and the Go Jetters visit the Pyramids of Giza...
Diffusé le 28/10/2015
S01E03 - Stonehenge, England
Can the Go Jetters stop Glitch playing dominoes with the ancient stones of Stonehenge?
Diffusé le 29/10/2015
S01E04 - The Sahara Desert, Africa
Glitch makes a sandcastle around an oasis in the Sahara. Can the Go Jetters save the day?
Diffusé le 30/10/2015
S01E05 - Niagara Falls, Canada and USA
Glitch blocks Niagara Falls to give Grim HQ a mud bath. Can the Go Jetters fix the glitch?
Diffusé le 31/10/2015
S01E06 - Sydney Opera House, Australia
Glitch transforms Sydney's iconic Opera House into an opera boat for a race around the Australian...
Diffusé le 04/11/2015
S01E07 - The Statue of Liberty, USA
Grandmaster Glitch makes the Statue of Liberty fall into the path of a passing ferry.
Diffusé le 11/11/2015
S01E08 - The Brandenburg Gate, Germany
When Grandmaster Glitch takes the Quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate, the Go Jetters must stop him...
Diffusé le 18/11/2015
S01E09 - Lambert-Fisher Glacier, Antarctica
When Glitch builds his effigy in ice, his digging threatens the Lambert Glacier.
Diffusé le 25/11/2015
S01E10 - Chichen Itza, Mexico
Grandmaster Glitch's giant ball game threatens El Castillo. Can the Go Jetters save it?
Diffusé le 02/12/2015
S01E11 - The Great Wall of China
Glitch and his grimbots have a long race along the Great Wall of China.
Diffusé le 22/03/2016
S01E12 - The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
The adventure-seeking superheroes race to fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. But has it really...
Diffusé le 23/03/2016
S01E13 - Lake Titicaca, South America
What goes up must come down as Grandmaster Glitch splash-lands in Lake Titicaca.
Diffusé le 24/03/2016
S01E14 - The Colosseum, Italy
Glitch visits Rome to race his Grimbots in the Colosseum. Can the Go Jetters stop him?
Diffusé le 25/03/2016
S01E15 - The Taj Mahal, India
The grimbots attach a bit of the Taj Mahal to GrimHQ. It remains to be seen whether the Go Jetters...
Diffusé le 30/03/2016
S01E16 - Mount Etna, Italy
When Grandmaster Glitch makes popcorn in Mount Etna, Italy, he blocks the volcano and endangers...
Diffusé le 31/03/2016
S01E17 - Table Mountain, South Africa
Glitch wants to ski, so the Grimbots give Table Mountain a snowy peak, which threatens its rare...
Diffusé le 01/04/2016
S01E18 - The Northern Lights, Finland
Ubercorn is excited to see the Northern Lights, but Glitch's Grunge-Grimbler covers them with smoke.
Diffusé le 02/04/2016
S01E19 - Amazon Rainforest, South America
Glitch wants a picnic so he stops the rain in the rainforest.
Diffusé le 07/06/2016
S01E20 - The Dead Sea, Middle East
The Go Jetters are relaxing by the Dead Sea when Grandmaster Glitch causes a catastrophe.
Diffusé le 08/06/2016
S01E21 - The Forbidden City, China
Some runaway Chinese drums roll towards the Forbidden City. Can the Go Jetters stop them?
Diffusé le 09/06/2016
S01E22 - The Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Grandmaster Glitch's digging causes a flood in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
Diffusé le 10/06/2016
S01E23 - Giant\'s Causeway, Northern Ireland
A giant Grandmaster Glitch means big trouble for the Giant's Causeway.
Diffusé le 11/06/2016
S01E24 - The Golden Gate Bridge, USA
It is a very foggy day, and the Golden Gate Bridge foghorns are missing. Can the Go Jetters help?
Diffusé le 14/06/2016
S01E25 - Komodo National Park, Indonesia
When Grandmaster Glitch supersizes a komodo dragon, the Go Jetters must fix the glitch.
Diffusé le 15/06/2016
S01E26 - Big Ben, England
The Go Jetters visit London on New Year's Eve, but Big Ben is missing.
Diffusé le 16/06/2016
S01E27 - The Strokkur Geyser, Iceland
The geysers in Iceland are blocked and Glitch is to blame.
Diffusé le 17/06/2016
S01E28 - The Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain
Grandmaster Glitch turns Segovia Aqueduct into a giant water slide.
Diffusé le 18/06/2016
S01E29 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Someone's stopped the samba at the Rio carnival! Can the Go Jetters fix the glitch?
Diffusé le 06/08/2016
S01E30 - Mount Everest, Asia
Kyan wants to climb Mount Everest, but there's a giant snowball heading his way.
Diffusé le 20/09/2016
S01E31 - Loch Ness, Scotland
Animated adventure comedy series. The Go Jetters visit Loch Ness in Scotland. But when Glitch...
Diffusé le 21/09/2016
S01E32 - The Grand Canyon, USA
Animated adventure comedy series. Kyan is wire-walking across the Grand Canyon, but Glitch wants to...
Diffusé le 22/09/2016
S01E33 - Easter Island, Chile
Animated adventure comedy series. When the Grimbots build their own Easter Island statue, it...
Diffusé le 23/09/2016
S01E34 - The Parthenon, Greece
Animated adventure comedy series. The Grimbots are flying the Vroomster and their dodgy manoeuvres...
Diffusé le 24/09/2016
S01E35 - St Basil\'s Cathedral, Russia
The Go Jetters visit St Basil's Cathedral, but Grandmaster Glitch has glitched it.
Diffusé le 27/09/2016
S01E36 - Tarbela Dam, Pakistan
When Grandmaster Glitch gets a G.O. Force, the forecast isn't good for the Tarbela Dam.
Diffusé le 28/09/2016
S01E37 - Mount Rushmore, USA
The Grimbots add Glitch's face to those of the presidents on Mount Rushmore.
Diffusé le 29/09/2016
S01E38 - Caernarfon Castle, Wales
How will the Go Jetters retrieve Xuli's flying trophy from Caernarfon Castle?
Diffusé le 30/09/2016
S01E39 - The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The team dives into action as Glitch's treasure hunt endangers the Great Barrier Reef.
Diffusé le 30/09/2016
S01E40 - The North Pole, Arctic Ocean (Christmas Special)
It's Christmas Eve and Santa's sleigh has vanished - can the Go Jetters save Christmas?
Diffusé le 15/12/2016
S01E41 - Hong Kong, China
The team spring into action when Glitch's mini-master toys invade Hong Kong Harbour.
Diffusé le 29/01/2017
S01E42 -  Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
It's Go Jetters glow when Glitch uses some glow worms for his disco pizzazz in New Zealand.
Diffusé le 14/02/2017
S01E43 - Lake Retba, Senegal
The team gets all shook up when Glitch sucks up the pink water of Senegal's Milkshake Lake.
Diffusé le 15/02/2017
S01E44 - The Paddy Fields of China
The Go Jetters swing into action when Glitch uses real landmarks for his crazy golf course.
Diffusé le 16/02/2017
S01E45 - Cappadocia, Turkey
A game of hide-and-seek threatens to topple the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia in Turkey.
Diffusé le 17/02/2017
S01E46 - Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya
The team roars into action as Glitch tries to take a selfie with a lion in the Maasai Mara
Diffusé le 18/02/2017
S01E47 - The Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Glitch's giant drill causes a dino-disaster for the team's fossil hunt in the Gobi Desert
Diffusé le 21/02/2017
S01E48 - Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico
Glitch's bath time puts the creatures of Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bay in bubble-trouble
Diffusé le 22/02/2017
S01E49 - The Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Trouble brews in Jamaica when Glitch's campfire threatens a coffee plantation
Diffusé le 23/02/2017
S01E50 - The Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan
The Go Jetters fly to the rescue in Japan, as Glitch gets up to his usual monkey business
Diffusé le 24/02/2017
S01E51 - The Nazca Lines, Peru
The Go Jetters race to protect ancient artwork in Peru when Glitch erases the Nazca Lines
Diffusé le 25/02/2017

Épisodes de la saison 2

S02E01 - Petra, Jordan
Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! Can the Go Jetters rescue the ancient...
Diffusé le 19/09/2017
S02E02 - The Matterhorn, Italy and Switzerland
Glitch gets into a mountain of trouble as the Go Jetters climb the Matterhorn.
Diffusé le 20/09/2017
S02E03 - Bonneville Salt Flats, USA
The Go Jetters arrive at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.
Diffusé le 21/09/2017
S02E04 - Rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia
The heroes try to save the world's stinkiest plant being turned into a perfume.
Diffusé le 22/09/2017
S02E05 - Go Jet Academy: Artificial Reef
Xuli finds a shipwreck on a coral reef, apparently leaking oil. However, as it is raised an octopus...
Diffusé le 23/09/2017
S02E06 - Machu Picchu, Peru
The team heads to the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu, to watch Kyan compete in the Inca Trail...
Diffusé le 26/09/2017
S02E07 - Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
GrimHQ crashes into the Baobab trees.
Diffusé le 27/09/2017
S02E08 - Venice, Italy
Glitch turns the canals of Venice into roads.
Diffusé le 28/09/2017
S02E09 - Seattle Space Needle, USA
The team goes where no Go Jetter has gone before, when Glitch tries to launch into space by...
Diffusé le 29/09/2017
S02E10 - Go Jet Academy: Hailstorm
The Go Jetters join Ubercorn in the Go Jet Academy to try out a brand new super vacuum that...
Diffusé le 30/09/2017
S02E11 - Harbin Ice City, China
When Grim HQ's heating gets stuck on, Glitch looks for a cold place to land and cool down....
Diffusé le 03/10/2017
S02E12 - Dover, England
The Go Jetters arrive at the White Cliffs of Dover in England, to cheer Kyan as he finishes a...
Diffusé le 04/10/2017
S02E13 - Central Park, New York
As Xuli, Lars and Foz enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty, they spot a blanket of smog...
Diffusé le 05/10/2017
S02E14 - Bullet Train, Japan
In Japan, Grandmaster Glitch is at a railway station, wondering where his grimbots have gone. Some...
Diffusé le 06/10/2017
S02E15 - Go Jet Academy: Wind Power
It's a very windy day at the Go Jet Academy as Jetpad comes in to land, zooming past the academy's...
Diffusé le 07/10/2017
S02E16 - Gua Rasa, Borneo
When Grandmaster Glitch discovers his Halloween pumpkin isn't as big as the Grimbots' one, he goes...
Diffusé le 29/10/2017
S02E17 - Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
Grand Master Glitch travels with his Grimbots to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean in the hope of...
Diffusé le 14/12/2017
S02E18 - Terracotta Army, China
Can the Go Jetters stop Glitch's noisy guitar and save the Terracotta Army in China?
Diffusé le 16/01/2018
S02E19 - Panama Canal, Panama
Glitch's attempt to jump the queue at the Panama Canal leaves him with a sinking feeling!
Diffusé le 17/01/2018
S02E20 - Tower Bridge, London
When Glitch's hat blows away, he chases it in GrimHQ - on a crash course for Tower Bridge.
Diffusé le 18/01/2018
S02E21 - Tepui Mountains, Venezuela
Glitch and Xuli crash into a sinkhole in Venezuela. Can teamwork catapult them to safety?
Diffusé le 19/01/2018
S02E22 - Go Jet Academy: Biogas Power
Glitch causes chaos at the academy when he loses control of his new biogas boosters.
Diffusé le 20/01/2018
S02E23 - Go Jet Academy: Hurricane Rescue
Grim HQ struggles through the sky above the Atlantic Ocean, fighting against the powerful winds of a...
Diffusé le 23/01/2018
S02E24 - The Valley of Balls, Kazakhstan
The Go Jetters travel to the Valley of Balls in Kazakhstan, where they find thousands of rocks which...
Diffusé le 24/01/2018
S02E25 - Gliding, Argentina
The Go Jet cadets are taking to the skies in Argentina in an attempt to pass their academy gliding...
Diffusé le 25/01/2018
S02E26 - Nomads, Mongolia
Grandmaster Glitch is out on a camping expedition in Mongolia. There's not much around except a...
Diffusé le 26/01/2018
S02E27 - Go Jet Academy: Compass Navigators
Kyan and Foz are working on their compass navigation skills and need to find the North Tower within...
Diffusé le 27/01/2018
S02E28 - Wolong Panda Reserve, China
Lars and Foz are in the Wolong Nature Reserve in China, taking care of the 2,000 pandas that live in...
Diffusé le 17/02/2018
S02E29 - Go Jet Academy: Map Readers
At the Go Jet Academy, Ubercorn has found an old map that leads to the GO Dome of the Ancients. This...
Diffusé le 29/05/2018
S02E30 - The Boreal Forest, Canada
Grandmaster Glitch's Grimbots really need some cuddles, so it's down to Glitch to find them a new...
Diffusé le 30/05/2018
S02E31 - Timgad Ruins, Algeria
The Go Jetters travel to Algeria in north Africa to check out the ancient Timgad Ruins. Built by the...
Diffusé le 31/05/2018
S02E32 - Everglades National Park, Florida
The Go Jetters are visiting the Everglades National Park in Florida, USA. It's an area made up...
Diffusé le 01/06/2018
S02E33 - The Sphinx, Egypt
Grandmaster Glitch is in need of a holiday, so he takes his Grimbots to Egypt for some rest and...
Diffusé le 02/06/2018
S02E40 - Cave Of Crystals, Mexico
While in Mexico, Glitch takes a short cut through the Cave of Crystals, a hidden space that contains...
Diffusé le 21/08/2018
S02E41 - Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Isles Of Scilly
It's a dark night and Glitch is flying his Grim HQ over the sea around the Isles of Scilly. He's in...
Diffusé le 22/08/2018
S02E42 - Go Jet Academy: Irrigation
It's farming time at the Go Jet Academy and the Go Jetters are growing corn in a big field. Their...
Diffusé le 23/08/2018
S02E43 - Bird Migration: Spain And Africa
The Go Jetters are on the Strait of Gibraltar in southern Spain, working with a team of...
Diffusé le 24/08/2018
S02E44 - Whistler Mountain, Canada
The Go Jetters are on Whistler Mountain in Canada, doing some skiing and checking out the amazing...
Diffusé le 25/08/2018
S02E45 - Solar E-Glitch
At the Go Jet Academy, the Go Jetters are about to watch one of nature's most spectacular events - a...
Diffusé le 28/08/2018
S02E46 - Korowai Treehouses, Indonesia
The Go Jetters have been invited by the Korowai tribe to visit their village in the rainforest of...
Diffusé le 29/08/2018
S02E47 - Go Jet Academy: Volcanic Island
Grandmaster Glitch is drilling into the ground below the ocean near Academy Island, looking for...
Diffusé le 30/08/2018
S02E48 - Chocolate Hills, Philippines
Greedy Grandmaster Glitch has been gorging on chocolate and wants more! The Grimbots discover a...
Diffusé le 31/08/2018
S02E49 - Go Jet Academy: Global Gameshow
It's the Go Jetters as you've never seen them before as they take part in a disco-dazzling around...
Diffusé le 01/09/2018
S02E50 - Horsetail Fall, California
The Go Jetters have travelled to Horsetail Fall in the Yosemite National Park. It's a 300m-high...
Diffusé le 05/12/2018
S02E51 - Ilulissat, Greenland
In Ilulissat, Greenland, the Go Jetters try to save the town from a sliding iceberg.
Diffusé le 06/12/2018
S02E52 - Sami Reindeer Herding, Norway
In snowy Norway the Sami reindeer need help after Glitch's Grimbler causes grief!
Diffusé le 07/12/2018