Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Snooki, Deena, Paul, Jenni, Vinny, Ronnie et Mike font leur grand retour. Six ans après l’ultime saison de Jersey Shore, toute la bande posera ses valises à Miami pour des vacances d’anthologie, avec pour seul mot d’ordre : la FIESTA !

2 saisons, 26 épisodes (45min)
MTV (US), en cours
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - What\'s in the Bag?
After five years apart, the group reunites in Miami for a family vacation, but The Situation's legal...
Diffusé le 06/04/2018
S01E02 - The Ring
Ronnie and Deena's unresolved issues resurface; the family is complete with the arrival of The...
Diffusé le 06/04/2018
S01E03 - Sunday Vinday
Ronnie clogs all the toilets in the house, and Nicole and Vinny's past jeopardizes their friendship.
Diffusé le 13/04/2018
S01E04 - Ron Ron Juice
A night of Ron-Ron Juice has the whole house on full tilt; a French girl at the club has Ronnie...
Diffusé le 20/04/2018
S01E05 - About Last Night
Ronnie is in full on spiral mode after a night of epic bad decisions, and Mike has big news to...
Diffusé le 27/04/2018
S01E06 - Meatball Down
Vinny has a disastrous run-in with a pair of clippers; guys' night is crashed by a drunken meat...
Diffusé le 04/05/2018
S01E07 - Baby Mama Drama
Ron's pregnant girlfriend Jen arrives for an awkward visit, and Vinny is in the doghouse after he...
Diffusé le 11/05/2018
S01E08 - The Temptation of the Keto Guido
Snooki gets caught stealing from a stripper, Vinny is feeling tempted and might sin, and Pauly D is...
Diffusé le 18/05/2018
S01E09 - Episode 9
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S01E10 - Meatball (Training) Day
The girls go off on Angelina when she makes a surprise return to Miami, and Meatball Day gets weird.
Diffusé le 01/06/2018
S01E11 - Episode 11
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S01E14 - The Final Supper
The roommates' final dinner is filled with fun memories and a huge blowup between Ronnie and Mike,...
Diffusé le 29/06/2018

Épisodes de la saison 2

S02E01 - It’s Complicated
The gang heads to Las Vegas on another family vacation to meet Ronnie’s baby. But, after...
Diffusé le 24/08/2018
S02E02 - Oh Canada
Vinny and Pauly head to Canada, Jwoww confronts the roomies, and the truth about Ronnie’s...
Diffusé le 24/08/2018
S02E03 - The Truth About Ronnie
The roommates rally around Ron as the truth about his relationship comes to light; the gang take to...
Diffusé le 31/08/2018
S02E04 - Heartbreak Hotel
Vinny is missing his boo, the Guido's get a special delivery from Staten Island, and Ronnie tries to...
Diffusé le 07/09/2018
S02E05 - Frenemies
Friendships are put to the test when Jenni goes all Jwoww on Angelina and Snooki is stuck in the...
Diffusé le 14/09/2018
S02E06 - The Designation
Jenni says goodbye to Las Vegas and a night of partying has Pauly making some questionable...
Diffusé le 21/09/2018
S02E07 - Four Guidos and a Baby
While Nicole and Jenni try to repair their relationship, Vinny and Pauly take theirs to the next...
Diffusé le 28/09/2018
S02E08 - Back to Seaside
With Vegas in the rear view, the guidos take it back to 2009 with a trip to Seaside where it all...
Diffusé le 05/10/2018
S02E09 - Vinny and Angelina: A Love Story
Back in Seaside, things get messy between Vinny and Angelina; the guidos enjoy a night in their old...
Diffusé le 12/10/2018
S02E10 - What a Drag
Deena finds out the gender of her little meatball; Ronnie make a surprise visit; things get...
Diffusé le 19/10/2018
S02E11 - Awkward City
The arrival of Ronnie's baby mama, Jen, has the roomies on high alert as they try to celebrate...
Diffusé le 26/10/2018
S02E12 - Where\'s the Beach?
The guidos set their sights on the shore for one more epic vacation before summer ends; Angelina has...
Diffusé le 02/11/2018
S02E13 - Staten Island Smackdown
Snooki spirals, Mike inspires, and Angelina and Vinny's contentious relationship reaches the point...
Diffusé le 09/11/2018
S02E14 - Jewish Barbie
Angelina and Vinny try to co-exist, Deena might not be the only meatball pregnant, and it’s déjà...
Diffusé le 16/11/2018
S02E15 - Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?
The Guidos are missing their meatball Deena, so they decide to kidnap her. And what happens when...
Diffusé le 30/11/2018
S02E16 - Wallopin’ in Manalapan
It’s clap back season when the roomies go all HAM on the chooch who harasses them at the bar.
Diffusé le 07/12/2018
S02E17 - Ronnie Magro\'s Series of Unfortunate Events
On the season finale of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Deena and the roomies fight against cancer....
Diffusé le 14/12/2018