Saison 8, épisode 19
Episode 161 - JinSoul (EN)
Episode 161 - JinSoul (FR)
Diffusé le 24/07/2017
JinSoul is filming choreography scenes for Singing in the Rain and her boots are wet from dancing on the water but JinSoul thought it was fun. JinSoul is behind the scenes and preparing to have dinner when the lights go out. All the current Loona members appear with a birthday cake for JinSoul and sing Happy Birthday. They also brought a second cake to celebrate JinSoul becoming the 7th member of Loona, JinSoul wishes for everything to go well for Loona and for good luck for herself too. HaSeul jokes about putting cake on JinSoul’s face and tells YeoJin not to do it to her. The members all then make it their mission to put cake/icing on HaSeul’s face and HaSeul also covers YeoJin and her glasses in icing, HyunJin hides under a blanket on the lounge. The seven members of Loona gather in front of the camera and wave hello the audience.