Saison 9, épisode 1
Episode 163 - Choerry (EN)
Episode 163 - Choerry (FR)
Diffusé le 30/07/2017
The eighth member of Loona, Choerry, appears! She is preparing for her first photoshoot and shows off her fancy earrings. HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip and JinSoul have shown up to support Choerry for her first photoshoot, YeoJin says that she and Choerry are close because they are both the youngest members of Loona. JinSoul provokes YeoJin by saying “Choerry said her best friend is me” and YeoJin replies that she knows everything about Choerry! Cheerful Choerry appears and the members say that Choerry is always happy, even when she makes a mistake.