Saison 9, épisode 3
Episode 165 - Choerry (EN)
Episode 165 - Choerry (FR)
Diffusé le 01/08/2017
Kim Lip introduces JinSoul and YeoJin as losers and then herself and HaSeul as all four losers of today. HaSeul tells the camera that she and YeoJin are the real losers of today and YeoJin explains that she’s actually a webfoot octopus (similar pronunciation in Korean). HaSeul and YeoJin talk about their appearance in the web-drama “First Love Story” (Woomanna) and the director asks Kim Lip and JinSoul what they think of HaSeul’s acting, they respond that it’s good and very realistic. They say that YeoJin’s acting is just like real life YeoJin. YeoJin asks if she is too loud and the director says yes, YeoJin then starts talking into a shoe, pretending to act out a scene.