Saison 9, épisode 15
Episode 177 - Choerry (EN)
Episode 177 - Choerry (FR)
Diffusé le 23/07/2017
The girls head back to the hotel to dry their hair after filming the swimming pool scenes. HaSeul tells the camera that the next filming location is a closed school building. Back at the hotel, JinSoul tells the camera that two boys were in front of the elevator and asked amongst themselves if JinSoul and Kim Lip were twins and said they were beautiful. They giggle and JinSoul says she is embarrassed, JinSoul then exaggerates what the boys said “Don’t they look like angels from heaven?” They share the story with Choerry when she comes down to meet with them and Choerry repeats what the boys said while looking at JinSoul and Kim Lip.