Saison 10, épisode 19
Episode 201 - Odd Eye Circle Special (EN)
Episode 201 - Odd Eye Circle Special (FR)
Diffusé le 28/10/2017
Filming for Girl Front continues but JinSoul tells the viewers that they are actually not going home for the day and they are heading off to watch fireworks near Yeouido, as it’s the Seoul International Fireworks Festival. They worry that they will not get there in time because there is a traffic jam. The girls are wearing jumpers that represent their member colours and head off to see the fireworks. They have reached a bridge just in time to see the fireworks, the girls are watching on with a crowd and they make a wish as they watch. Choerry says that one of the doughnuts looks like a doughnut and makes her crave them, she also sends a message to her mother to ask if she is also watching the fireworks.