Saison 12, épisode 5
Episode 229 - Yves (EN)
Episode 229 - Yves (FR)
Diffusé le 06/12/2017
HaSeul asks HeeJin about making a new name for the two of them, they brainstorm names like Hajin and HeeSeul and they decide on HaHee! HaSeul is fitted for a beret to match HeeJin’s and asks the camera if she looks like a painter. She then starts painting HeeJin’s face with a makeup brush while Yves is busy working on her photoshoot. HeeJin and HaSeul speculate as to why the photoshoot has continued into the night time (even though it’s indoors) when her photoshoot earlier was in the daytime and outside. They suggest that there might be a day and night concept for Yves.