Saison 12, épisode 19
Episode 243 - Yves (EN)
Episode 243 - Yves (FR)
Diffusé le 29/12/2017
Kim Lip and Choerry have gathered around the claw machine that appears in the New MV. Choerry finds a plushie of a fruit bat, Kim Lip shows the owl toy that represents her and also finds a frog for YeoJin too. ViVi can’t find a deer plushie so Choerry says that ViVi can get into the machine instead. ViVi puts on rollerskates to prepare for her appearance in New and Choerry joins her, the two practice their skating. Afterwards, HaSeul, Choerry and ViVi are at a canteen and looking at the food options available for the staff and Loona members. Kim Lip runs up to find out what’s on the menu too. HaSeul talks to ViVi about her upcoming scene with Yves and ViVi mixes up the word skates with steak.