Saison 14, épisode 1
Episode 265 - Go Won (EN)
Episode 265 - Go Won (FR)
Diffusé le 31/01/2018
Go Won’s first Loona TV appearance begins and she is welcomed with Yves and Chuu who are holding her hands. Go Won hopes she can do well today and Yves says she thinks that Go Won can do well! Go Won’s shooting has begun and she is wearing a black dress, Chuu is having a heart attack over how gorgeous Go Won looks! Yves and Chuu are embracing as they watch along and Yves says that the photoshoot looks like a fashion shoot. Yves says that Go Won’s eyes are so beautiful and Chuu says that she looks like a rabbit. Yves likes that kind of eyes, Chuu asks “you mean me?” Yves and Chuu help teach Go Won how to pose in front of a camera and Go Won confesses to the camera that she doesn’t know how to pose so it was tough for her to do but interesting.