Saison 14, épisode 8
Episode 272 - Go Won (EN)
Episode 272 - Go Won (FR)
Diffusé le 09/02/2018
Go Won’s photoshoot continues and Chuu is helping her with her posing still. She then takes some of her own photos of Go Won whilst she is posing. The ’97 line are trying to guess what Go Won’s stage name will be (Cha Cha? Che Che?). The director tells Go Won that her stage name will be Adam, Yves asks if it is because she is small (as Adam means small in Korean). Yves says it’s nice to meet you Adam, I’m Yves (pronounced Eve). The director continues the fib by telling her that she is the third member of this subunit, HaSeul was the third member of Loona 1/3 and when she was revealed, she dressed in men’s clothing, which is why Go Won is Adam. Go Won asks if she is a boy and the director says yes, Go Won is very nervous and her eyes start shaking!