Saison 14, épisode 9
Episode 273 - Go Won (EN)
Episode 273 - Go Won (FR)
Diffusé le 10/02/2018
Chuu and Go Won’s photoshoot has begun, Chuu says the concept is twin! Behind the scenes, Yves and JinSoul have given themselves cute bun hairstyles and are posing but the camera has broken! Yves quotes a famous line from a Korean TV Show “But did you know” JinSoul shares the Polaroid photo that was taken of her and Yves with bun hairstyles. JinSoul says it looks like a kindergarten yearbook photo, she says that they showed the photo to their manager who responded by saying that cute concept does not suit them! Yves asks where the manager is and JinSoul tells her that he’s right next to them, JinSoul pretends to be shocked at the camera.