Saison 14, épisode 11
Episode 275 - Go Won (EN)
Episode 275 - Go Won (FR)
Diffusé le 13/02/2018
Yves PD greets the viewers and says she’s in charge of recording videos like Lip PD and Cho PD, she says that Go Won is preparing to shoot her MV and is going to visit her in her waiting room. Go Won is dressed up in a frilly white dress, Go Won says she’s 170cm right now because of the shoes she’s wearing, Chuu refuses to stand next to her! Go Won is nervous but Chuu and Yves cheer her on. Yves and Chuu greet the Camera, Yves introduces Chuu PD and Chuu accidentally says Chuu PD afterwards instead of Yves PD! They watch on as Go Won begins filming her first scenes.