Saison 14, épisode 19
Episode 283 - Go Won (EN)
Episode 283 - Go Won (FR)
Diffusé le 28/02/2018
Filming for One and Only continues, but in-between takes, Choerry tries to get Go Won to act cute and say Rwa! Go Won delivers a flat Rwa and asks Choerry for an example of what she means. Choerry shows off her cute Rwa~’s. Go Won is embarrassed to act cute, meanwhile Chuu leads Yves in holding hands and Choerry asks Chuu to show her what she’s got. Chuu naturally shows her cute side and delivers many Rwa~’s for the camera. Choerry tells Yves that it’s her turn and she tries her best to give a cute Rwa! Go Won then relents and shows the camera her Rwa~ before making a get-away.