Saison 15, épisode 7
Episode 291 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (EN)
Episode 291 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (FR)
Diffusé le 12/03/2018
HaSeul appears with a wand that she says she will use to lead her members later on, she declares that it will be the new wand of the leader. Since Loona means moon and the wand is a star, it represents Loona’s fans. HaSeul then catches up with Kim Lip behind the scenes and asks what the details of her outfit mean, before letting Kim Lip answer, she then asks ViVi about her outfit and what her necklace means. HaSeul counts all the people in the dressing room and says there are twenty people, she catches up with Go Won who agrees there are so many people and says that HaSeul talks too much!