Saison 15, épisode 9
Episode 293 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (EN)
Episode 293 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (FR)
Diffusé le 14/03/2018
YeoJin and HeeJin greet the viewers and YeoJin offers to show her hot pack dance. She says because of the friction, the pack will become warm. HeeJin and ViVi join in on YeoJin’s hot pack dance but ViVi says that the better way to keep it warm is to just put it in your pocket. Some of the girls are sitting together behind the scenes, YeoJin has taken the leader star wand and ViVi says she is cute. YeoJin hugs up against Choerry and says she is cute, she says she also likes Go Won. She also cuddles up against Yves, Chuu whispers that YeoJin looks like a baby.