Saison 15, épisode 10
Episode 294 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (EN)
Episode 294 - Cinema Theory: Up & Line (FR)
Diffusé le 15/03/2018
It’s YeoJin’s turn to film and she says she is nervous. HaSeul is cheering her on by singing and dancing to Kiss Later. Suddenly YeoJin is led off set and looks to be very upset, HaSeul comforts her and asks her why she’s crying. YeoJin says that her body wasn’t working properly (because of her cold/the cold) and HaSeul offers for her to warm up in her cardigan. YeoJin is upset because she feels like she did not do well, HaSeul says that she still has another chance to do a good job and to not be disappointed. YeoJin tells the camera that she will do better next time, hwaiting~