Mere Sai

This year marks the 100-year completion of a momentous event of Sai Baba taking Samadhi in Shirdi. In last 100 years, his cult has multiplied exponentially and his message and teaching have brought solace to millions of his followers across the globe. In this centenary year of his Samadhi, Sony Entertainment Television is proud to present his biopic on television - Mere Sai. Mounted on a lavish scale, this biopic is a highly researched, authentic tale of his journey of life dramatized in an engaging screenplay format. This ambitious project will be produced by one of the most respected Television production house - Dashami Creations.

1 saison, 269 épisodes (30min)
Sony TV, en cours
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - The First Glimpse
The small town of Shirdi, is visited by a man clad in simple attire. His arrival catches the...
Diffusé le 26/09/2017
S01E02 - A Journey Begins
It is the dawn of India’s Independence movement. A British officer pays a visit to Vaidya Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 27/09/2017
S01E03 - Sai Baba’s Journey Towards Shirdi Begins
A few years have passed since Sai Baba left Shirdi. Bhaija is sure that Sai will return to the...
Diffusé le 28/09/2017
S01E04 - The Miracle
On the route to Shirdi, the travelers witness a miracle. Sai Baba saves a boy from the jaws of...
Diffusé le 29/09/2017
S01E05 - Sai Baba’s Divinity
Sai Baba finally meets Bhaija, who is in tears after seeing Sai after a long time. Vaidya Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 30/09/2017
S01E06 - Kulkarni\'s Ego
The villagers try to look for Sai but are unable to find him. Meanwhile, Kulkarni insults Rukmini...
Diffusé le 03/10/2017
S01E07 - The Search For Sai
Kulkarni's men search for Sai and are upset when they are unable to find him. However, when they are...
Diffusé le 04/10/2017
S01E08 - The Birth Of A Miracle
Kulkarni is hell bent on taking his revenge on Sai Baba and goes in search of him. When he finds him...
Diffusé le 05/10/2017
S01E09 - The Miracle
The villagers gather around Sai Baba, who is confined. Bhaisa meets Sai and offers him a glass of...
Diffusé le 06/10/2017
S01E10 - Kulkarni’s Apathy
Kulkarni is left red faced when he is reprimanded for blaming Sai Baba, who is subsequently...
Diffusé le 07/10/2017
S01E11 - Sai’s Obstacles
Kulkarni provokes the villagers against Sai Baba. Then, it is announced that no one will provide...
Diffusé le 10/10/2017
S01E12 - Kulkarni’s Apathy
Laxmi notices that Sai Baba has got an injury on his head. When she inquires him about it, he tells...
Diffusé le 11/10/2017
S01E13 - Divine Intervention
Kulkarni threatens Bhaisa that she should ask Sai to leave Shirdi or else Appaji will breath his...
Diffusé le 12/10/2017
S01E14 - Appaji\'s Stomach Ache
Pantaji tells Kulkarni that because of Sai, Appaji could eat all the food. Bayaza Maa asks Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 13/10/2017
S01E15 - Sai’s Generosity
Bhaisa learns from Laxmi that Sai has left Shirdi. On his way out of Shirdi, Sai comes across a...
Diffusé le 14/10/2017
S01E16 - Loot for Pooja
In this weeks episode, Kulkarni Sarkar takes control over the village in the absence of Sai, then he...
Diffusé le 17/10/2017
S01E17 - The Righteous Path
Sai’s divinity overpowers the evil in the hearts of the men who attacked him. Sai compels the men...
Diffusé le 18/10/2017
S01E18 - Kulkarani\'s Announcement
Kulkarni is relieved that Kashiram is dead. He orders the villagers to make preparations for...
Diffusé le 19/10/2017
S01E19 - Sai\'s Miracle
Kulkarni is relieved that Kashiram is dead. He orders the villagers to make preparations for...
Diffusé le 20/10/2017
S01E20 - A Farmer\'s Plight
A farmer is relentlessly trying to dig up a well to find source of water. Kulkarni had ordered their...
Diffusé le 21/10/2017
S01E21 - Sai\'s Miracle
Sai is overcome by grief seeing Jeeva laboriously dig up the ground in search of water. He asks him...
Diffusé le 24/10/2017
S01E22 - Kulkarni’s Ploy
Sai feels the pain when his followers are beaten up by the police. Kulkarni stops the police and...
Diffusé le 25/10/2017
S01E23 - Divine Presence
Kulkarni takes the police to the spot where he claims Sai is planning rebellion against the British....
Diffusé le 26/10/2017
S01E24 - Old Couple’s Misery
An old man brings his ailing child to Sai for treatment. Sai successfully treats him and sends him...
Diffusé le 27/10/2017
S01E25 - Sai\'s Advice
Sai sees the elderly couple, who were forcefully evicted from their house by Kulkarni’s men, have...
Diffusé le 28/10/2017
S01E26 - Kulkarni’s Plan
On the behest of his wife, the village priest approaches Kulkarni and informs him that he does not...
Diffusé le 31/10/2017
S01E27 - Sai\'s Blessings
Blessed by Sai, the priest’s daughter, Yamuna, is arranged to marry without any dowry. The priest,...
Diffusé le 01/11/2017
S01E28 - Kulkarni\'s Evil Intentions
Kulkarni is enraged when the priest returns the gold he had borrowed from him. He hands over the...
Diffusé le 02/11/2017
S01E29 - Madhav\'s New Task
Sai meets Kulkarni and tells him that the construction of the school in Shirdi will benefit the town...
Diffusé le 03/11/2017
S01E30 - Divinity
Madhav is persuaded by Kulkarni to keep an eye on Sai and report him. Madhav thinks that Sai is...
Diffusé le 04/11/2017
S01E31 - Kulkarni’s Cruelty
Kulkarni vents out his anger on his wife for taking flowers from Sai. Then, Kulkarni’s men do not...
Diffusé le 09/11/2017
S01E32 - A Friend in Need
Laxmi meets Sai and informs him that she has been barred from entering the school. Sai realizes...
Diffusé le 10/11/2017
S01E33 - Sai’s Help
Jhipri is asked to answer as few questions in order to secure admission into the school. Sai assures...
Diffusé le 11/11/2017
S01E34 - Kulkarni’s Hate
Sai helps Jhumri get admission into the school and Madhav too changes his mind and allows her to...
Diffusé le 14/11/2017
S01E35 - Mistreatment
Ranoji, who is suffering from illness, is forced to leave home. None of the villagers accept him and...
Diffusé le 15/11/2017
S01E36 - Apathy
The disease is slowly spreading throughout Ranoji’s body and nobody in the village wants to...
Diffusé le 16/11/2017
S01E37 - Selflessness
Ranoji finds shelter with Sai. The villagers gather in front of Kulkarni’s house for a treatment...
Diffusé le 17/11/2017
S01E38 - The Cure
Kulkarni learns that Ranoji has found shelter with Sai. He gets enraged and decides to teach him a...
Diffusé le 18/11/2017
S01E39 - Kulkarni\'s New Ploy
Kulkarni provokes the villagers against Sai, who is providing shelter to Raoniji. The villagers in a...
Diffusé le 21/11/2017
S01E40 - Faith
The villagers are enraged that Appa Patil and Sai have helped Ranoji. They declare that no one will...
Diffusé le 22/11/2017
S01E41 - Appaji Attains Pooja
Anta ji plans to steal Murmura from Appaji. Ranoji And Appaji's family is not allowed to visit Sai...
Diffusé le 23/11/2017
S01E42 - Appa Patil\'s Suffering
Kulkarni is frustrated when he watches Appaji attending the pooja. He flushes out his frustration on...
Diffusé le 24/11/2017
S01E43 - Madhav Secretly Helps Sai
Bhama asks Madha why he looks worried. Madhav says that bad things are happening to good people....
Diffusé le 25/11/2017
S01E44 - Crop Disease
The episode starts with Sai treating Rano ji by burying him faced out into the mud. Appaji is...
Diffusé le 28/11/2017
S01E45 - Kulkarni Plans To Expose Sai
Kulkarni catches Antaji and Pantaji's lie and as a punishment asks them to follow Sai to find out...
Diffusé le 29/11/2017
S01E46 - Ranoji Visits Doctor
Kulkarni gets furious when Sai asks him what are his rights on the village and its people. This...
Diffusé le 30/11/2017
S01E47 - Ranoji Recovers
Kulkarni is not happy when Rano Ji visits the medical camp started by him.When British officials see...
Diffusé le 01/12/2017
S01E48 - Ranoji’s Decision
The people who had rejected Ranoji for his disease now approach him, while he is at Sai’s shelter....
Diffusé le 02/12/2017
S01E49 - The Transformation
Rukmani asks Kulkarni to lift the ban on Appa ji and his family because of which Kulkarni is furious...
Diffusé le 05/12/2017
S01E50 - The Feast
A few men approach Ranoji to know the whereabouts of Sai. Meanwhile, Kulkarni approaches Bhaisa and...
Diffusé le 06/12/2017
S01E51 - Sai\'s Another Miracle
Kulkarni is frustrated with Sai as people from various places are visiting to see him. Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 07/12/2017
S01E52 - Kulkarni’s Joy Turns Into Sorrow
Bhaisa presumes that Sai is in danger and rushes to see him. Kulkarni, too thinks the same. Upon...
Diffusé le 08/12/2017
S01E53 - Sai’s New Challenge
An enraged Kulkarni decides to test Sai further. The villagers meet Sai and inform him to take them...
Diffusé le 09/12/2017
S01E54 - The Visitors
A group of gypsies visit Shirdi after hearing news about Sai. Kulkarni is alerted about the...
Diffusé le 12/12/2017
S01E55 - Kulkarni’s Truce
When Kulkarni confronts the gypsies about their unexpected arrival, he is informed by gypsies that...
Diffusé le 13/12/2017
S01E56 - Rukmini’s Advice
Rukmini advises Kulkarni not to trust the gypsies. Kulkarni refuses to pay heed to her advice and...
Diffusé le 14/12/2017
S01E57 - Sai Insult
Thugs visit Sai to threaten him but Sai is able to make them leave by getting a snake to scare them...
Diffusé le 15/12/2017
S01E58 - Hypnotise
The man who threw mud on Sai comes to his conscious and doesn't remember anything. The villagers are...
Diffusé le 16/12/2017
S01E59 - Sacrifice Killing
Rano ji’s brother and sister in law are taking Chanda to Bua in the night. Sai wakes up Kaveri...
Diffusé le 19/12/2017
S01E60 - Secret Busted
Bua tells everyone that whoever is present here, will mourn at their house and scares them. Sai...
Diffusé le 20/12/2017
S01E61 - Ranoji Back With Kaveri
Sai asks Rano ji to accept Kaveri and stay with her. Rano ji goes to her and wipes her tears, and...
Diffusé le 21/12/2017
S01E62 - Sai Glory
Bai Sa is making Prasad and thinks her faith is strong on him and hopes she doesn’t lose her...
Diffusé le 22/12/2017
S01E63 - Belief in Sai
Rukmini is still standing outside and prays. Sai appears and help her bear the punishment. Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 23/12/2017
S01E64 - Kulkarni\'s Permission
Rukmini asks Servant about Sai. The servant tells her about Sai and says he calls Bayaza as Maa....
Diffusé le 26/12/2017
S01E65 - Eyesight Returns
Mhalsapati tells his wife that they will get Yamuna married in a month and says he will talk to Sai...
Diffusé le 27/12/2017
S01E66 - Rukmini Leaves The House
Rukmini comes out of the house and hopes she will get to see Sai. Sai talks about showing the right...
Diffusé le 28/12/2017
S01E67 - Dacoit Infront of Sai
A dacoit enters Shirdi. Bayaza talks about women unity. Rukmini says time has come to return home....
Diffusé le 29/12/2017
S01E68 - Dwarakamai Teaching
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Diffusé le 30/12/2017
S01E69 - Dussehra Celebration
Kulkarni does puja in his house with Rukmini and Chivu. Kulkarni praises Rukmini for fulfilling her...
Diffusé le 02/01/2018
S01E70 - Fight Against Rich
Aayi asks Bayaza to drink milk and laughs seeing milk on her lips. She tells her that she brought...
Diffusé le 03/01/2018
S01E71 - Episode 71
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Diffusé le 04/01/2018
S01E72 - Stranger in the Dark
At midnight, a man sneaks into Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni wakes up and sends a police officer to...
Diffusé le 05/01/2018
S01E73 - Kulkarni’s Ploy
Kulkarni intends to manipulate Vishnu in order to exact revenge on Sai. Vishnu is made to believe...
Diffusé le 06/01/2018
S01E74 - Vishnu Rethinks His Marriage
The children are wondering where Keshav is? Meanwhile Vishnu arrives to tell Yamuna that he will not...
Diffusé le 09/01/2018
S01E75 - Kulkarni is plotting with Vishnu
Kulkarni is plotting with Vishnu. Keshav sneaks out of his home. He returns to Sai's home.
Diffusé le 10/01/2018
S01E76 - Vishnu Keeps An Eye On Sai
Vishnu observes Sai treating people. Keshav returns home. Both he and his mother observe a shadow in...
Diffusé le 11/01/2018
S01E77 - Sai Teaches Jeeva That Stealing Is Wrong
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Diffusé le 12/01/2018
S01E78 - The Question Of The Trunk
Kulkarni is confident that since Jeeva was caught, the trunk that was stolen would be recovered as...
Diffusé le 13/01/2018
S01E79 - Yamuna Tries To Kill Herself
Yamuna tries to take her life by hanging herself. She is sad that her marriage was called off. She...
Diffusé le 16/01/2018
S01E80 - Vishnu Wants To Arrest Sai
Vishnu and Kulkarni have gathered the villagers.
Diffusé le 17/01/2018
S01E81 - Champa Speaks
Yamuna and her family go to visit Sai. Meanwhile Kulkarni's wife is discussing how Diwali will be...
Diffusé le 18/01/2018
S01E82 - Stones In The Way
Jhimri and the others are on their way to the market. But their way is obstructed by stones. While...
Diffusé le 19/01/2018
S01E83 - The Miracle
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Diffusé le 20/01/2018
S01E84 - The Right Thing To Do
Rukmani is in a dilemma as to whether to speak the truth and save an innocent or hide a lie and save...
Diffusé le 23/01/2018
S01E85 - The Treasure Box
Rukmini throws treasure box inside the well. Vishnu hears the sound and thinks if someone fell down...
Diffusé le 24/01/2018
S01E86 - Tawuji Dislikes Arrangement
Vishnu and his family come to Mhalsapati’s house for marriage. Vishnu Tawuji doesn’t like...
Diffusé le 25/01/2018
S01E87 - The Wedding Dissatisfaction
The wedding preparations are in full swing. However, there are people in the groom's family who are...
Diffusé le 26/01/2018
S01E88 - Sai’s Miracle
Bhaisa is worried that the dessert which she has prepared might end up adversely affecting...
Diffusé le 27/01/2018
S01E89 - Suhasini Gets Angry
Suhasini overhears her acquaintances talking behind her back. She confronts them. Meanwhile Sai is...
Diffusé le 30/01/2018
S01E90 - Suhasini\'s Visit
Preparations are being made for Suhasini's visit. Kulkarni is informed of Suhasini's arrival. ...
Diffusé le 31/01/2018
S01E91 - The Son
Suhasini thinks Sai is a fraud. Aai is sad that Sai is turned away from her house. She gets scolded...
Diffusé le 01/02/2018
S01E92 - The Tiger
Keshav and his friends are going through a forest. He is taking them to meet Sai. But Keshav's...
Diffusé le 02/02/2018
S01E93 - Suhasini Is Angry With Sai
Suhasini tries to explain to her family that Sai is a fraud. She takes it upon herslef to test Sai....
Diffusé le 03/02/2018
S01E94 - Suhasini Challenges Sai
Suhasini challenges Sai that if he's so powerful, can he bring her son back to her. Sai tries to...
Diffusé le 06/02/2018
S01E95 - Kulkarni\'s Son
Kulkarni is furious at his son for meeting Sai. His school teacher informs Kulkarni that he meets...
Diffusé le 07/02/2018
S01E96 - Motherly Affection
Suhasini is pleased to adopt Sattu as her child. The men sent by Kulkarni have hatched a plan to...
Diffusé le 08/02/2018
S01E97 - Sattu Is Kidanapped
Sattu is kidnapped by Anta and Banta after they mix a sleeping medicine in Sattu's Butter. Sattu...
Diffusé le 09/02/2018
S01E98 - Kulkarni Plots Against Suhasini
Kulkarni plots against Suhasini by manipulating her brothers in law against her. He also tells the...
Diffusé le 10/02/2018
S01E99 - The Thief
Baija Maa comes to Sai complaining about Sattu's bad habit of eating too much jaggery and hiding it...
Diffusé le 13/02/2018
S01E100 - Shirdi In Trouble
Bayaza and Appa Ji are worried about the situation in Shirdi and decide to talk to Sai about it....
Diffusé le 14/02/2018
S01E101 - Sai’s Treatment
Sai arrives at Bhaisa’s house and treats her neighbor who is severely ill. Then, Sai learns that...
Diffusé le 15/02/2018
S01E102 - Saleem Gets Better
After Sai came and visited Rehana's house to check up on Saleem, his condition stabilized and Saleem...
Diffusé le 16/02/2018
S01E103 - Police Comes To Arrest Sai
After Saleem doesn't wake up in the morning, his wife worried takes her to Sai's place. Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 17/02/2018
S01E104 - Sai\'s Condition Deteriorates
The water problem in the villages around Shirdi worsens as people start migrating away from those...
Diffusé le 20/02/2018
S01E105 - Sai\'s Request
Everyone is worried about Sai's health as he refuses to drink water in that condition. Sai requests...
Diffusé le 21/02/2018
S01E106 - Sai Recovers
Sai recovers from dehydration and Bhaisa is happy to see him recovering. Kulkarni is informed that...
Diffusé le 22/02/2018
S01E107 - Kulkarni’s Diktat
Kulkarni has issued an order stating that more than four people should not assemble together. This...
Diffusé le 23/02/2018
S01E108 - Bhaisa Takes a Stand
Kulkarni has issued an order stating that more than four people should not assemble together. This...
Diffusé le 24/02/2018
S01E109 - Bayaza\'s Brother
After the curfew has been lifted by Kulkarni, Bayaza bai's brother visits them with his wife and...
Diffusé le 27/02/2018
S01E110 - Kulkarni\'s New Patient
Bayaza's brother Trambhav who is suffering from some disease is in Shirdi to get a proper treatment....
Diffusé le 28/02/2018
S01E111 - Trambhav\'s Treatment
After Bayaza took Trambhav to Sai for his treatment, Sai starts his treatment in a unique way which...
Diffusé le 01/03/2018
S01E112 - Triambak’s Unsure About The Treatment
Triambak is unsure if Sai can treat him successfully. Sai asks Triambak to do physical activity,...
Diffusé le 02/03/2018
S01E113 - The Patience Test
Sai tests Triambak's patience level when he comes to Dwaraka Mayi for his treatment. He makes him...
Diffusé le 03/03/2018
S01E114 - Bhama\'s Request
Bhama requests her husband to take her to Vithal Rukmani's Temple before she conceives their child....
Diffusé le 06/03/2018
S01E115 - Triambhak Faints
Everyone is happy and excited as its the last day of Triambhak's treatment but little do they know a...
Diffusé le 07/03/2018
S01E116 - An Apology
After Triambhak's whole charade, Sai is extremely dissapointed in everyone so he decides not to...
Diffusé le 08/03/2018
S01E117 - The Wait
Everyone is worried and waits for Sai to come back but he is nowhere to be seen. Anta and Banta come...
Diffusé le 09/03/2018
S01E118 - Bayaza Is Adamant
Sai's isn't back to Shirdi and Bayaza maa is Adamant of bringing him back anyhow. Kulkarni gets to...
Diffusé le 10/03/2018
S01E119 - The Wait Continues
Sai isn't back yet and everyone in Shirdi waits for him to come back. All the kids visit Dwarka Mayi...
Diffusé le 13/03/2018
S01E120 - Suwarna Bai In Shridi
Bhama goes into labor and is in tremendous pain so her husband takes her to Sai. Sai uses some sand...
Diffusé le 14/03/2018
S01E121 - Mother’s Concern
Sai comes to know that the women are worried about the bad influence of Suvarna. Bhaisa informs the...
Diffusé le 15/03/2018
S01E122 - Suvarna\'s Influence
Suvarna bai goes and meet the people of the village and as them to work for her during her tamasha...
Diffusé le 16/03/2018
S01E123 - Suvarna\'s Challenge To Sai
Suvarna challenges Sai and holds the Tamasha the same day as Sai's pravachan in Hanuman Temple to...
Diffusé le 17/03/2018
S01E124 - Suvarna Meets Kulkarni
Suvarna arrives at the prayer meet and interrupts the prayer. While the devotees are enraged, Sai...
Diffusé le 20/03/2018
S01E125 - Suvarna’s Performance
A British officer’s arrival on the request of Kulkarni, gives Suvarna an opportunity to perform in...
Diffusé le 21/03/2018
S01E126 - Charles Molest Suvarna
Suvarna Bai meets Kulkarni and asks him to get Charles to attend one of his shows to get some money...
Diffusé le 22/03/2018
S01E127 - The Right Path
Sai shows Suvarna Bai the right path of life after he saves her from getting molested by Charles....
Diffusé le 23/03/2018
S01E128 - Kulkarni Evicts Madhav
Kulkarni’s men overhear Madhav asking the villagers to seek treatment from Sai. After learning...
Diffusé le 24/03/2018
S01E129 - Madhav Returns To Shirdi
Bhama and Madhav return to Shirdi and stay at Mhalsapati and Parvati's house after being kicked out...
Diffusé le 27/03/2018
S01E130 - Under The Tree
After Madhav is forced out of the school by Kulkarni for supporting Sai, Madhav starts his classes...
Diffusé le 28/03/2018
S01E131 -  The Scorpion Bite
Anta and Banta are told by Kulkarni to stop Madhav from teaching the students out in the open so...
Diffusé le 29/03/2018
S01E132 - Sai Saves Madhav
Sai removes poison from Madhav’s body. After a while, Madhav regains consciousness. When everyone,...
Diffusé le 30/03/2018
S01E133 - Faith
Today's episode of Mere Sai compares the faith of Shirdi's people between Sai and Guru Devidas when...
Diffusé le 31/03/2018
S01E134 - Eye Opener
After initial altercations, Guru Devidas is mesmerized by Sai's aura. He decides to create a rich...
Diffusé le 03/04/2018
S01E135 - The Greater Saint
Sai listens to the problems of Lakshmi. She is sad as her 2 anna does not suffice for anything and...
Diffusé le 04/04/2018
S01E136 - Blessings
Kulkarni's health deteriorates as he faints outside his house and Anta & Banta carry him to his bed....
Diffusé le 05/04/2018
S01E137 - A Helping Hand
Sai gets to know that Kulkarni is ill and his health is deteriorating each second so he decides to...
Diffusé le 06/04/2018
S01E138 - The Power Of Truth
Keshav comes to meet his friends and Sai before leaving for London. Kulkarni finds the vibhuti that...
Diffusé le 07/04/2018
S01E139 - Kulkarni\'s Warning
Kulkarni warns Sai to stay away from Keshav. Kulkarni plans on sending Keshav abroad for his studies...
Diffusé le 10/04/2018
S01E140 - A Visitor Arrives in Shirdi
Kulkarni warns Sai to stay away from Keshav. Kulkarni plans on sending Keshav abroad for his studies...
Diffusé le 11/04/2018
S01E141 - Rao\'s Intentions
Ratnakar Rao enters Shirdi with a plan that no one is aware of. He tries to win the faith of people...
Diffusé le 12/04/2018
S01E142 - Shirdi\'s Land
Everyone including Kulkarni is intimidated by Ratnakar Rao's presence in Shirdi as no one is aware...
Diffusé le 13/04/2018
S01E143 - Trying To Lure
Ratnakar Rao has decided to acquire Shirdi's land anyhow and is willing to go to any extent to do...
Diffusé le 14/04/2018
S01E144 - Episode 144
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Diffusé le 17/04/2018
S01E145 - Will Sai Leave Dwarkamai?
Ratnakar meets Sai and asks him to leave Dwarkamai. Without uttering a word, Sai decides to leave...
Diffusé le 18/04/2018
S01E146 - Episode 146
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Diffusé le 19/04/2018
S01E147 - Episode 147
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Diffusé le 20/04/2018
S01E148 - Sai Tries To Help Pandari
Pandari's problem seems to be non-ending as Kulkarni continues to pressurize him for the money....
Diffusé le 21/04/2018
S01E149 - Pandhari’s Hapless Situation
Kulkarni’s atrocities reach a new height when he punishes Pandhari for paying his dues. Sai meets...
Diffusé le 24/04/2018
S01E150 - Kulkarni\'s Torture
Pandhari struggling to get out of a constant loop of problems tries to get out of them but fails...
Diffusé le 25/04/2018
S01E151 - Sai’s Kindness
Kulkarni meets Sai and asks him to disclose the location where he has hidden the gold coins....
Diffusé le 26/04/2018
S01E154 - Episode 154
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Diffusé le 29/04/2018
S01E155 - Episode 155
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Diffusé le 01/05/2018
S01E156 - Episode 156
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Diffusé le 02/05/2018
S01E157 - Episode 157
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Diffusé le 03/05/2018
S01E158 - Episode 158
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Diffusé le 04/05/2018
S01E159 - Episode 159
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Diffusé le 05/05/2018
S01E160 - Episode 160
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Diffusé le 08/05/2018
S01E161 - Episode 161
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S01E162 - Episode 162
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S01E163 - Episode 163
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S01E164 - Episode 164
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S01E165 - Episode 165
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S01E210 - His Teachings
Sai helps a villager family to relif them from their misery. Kulkarni sends his son Keshav off to...
Diffusé le 14/07/2018
S01E211 - The Ultimate Truth
Vishwanath brings up Sai’s name in Kulkarni’s home. Kulkarni gets furious over Vishwanath. Sai...
Diffusé le 17/07/2018
S01E212 - Kulkarni\'s Cruelty
Kulkarni tries to beat up Sham, who is saved by his son. Kulkarni in a fit of rage orders his men to...
Diffusé le 18/07/2018
S01E213 - Punished
As Kulkarni Sarkar brings the poor farmer family out to nowhere and beats up the old farmer man....
Diffusé le 19/07/2018
S01E214 - A New Beginning
Few years have passed by, but Sai and his devotion still remains the same. Laxmi is at Sai’s...
Diffusé le 20/07/2018
S01E215 - Redemption
While the residents of Shirdi have gathered to have a meal, a stranger, with his face covered,...
Diffusé le 21/07/2018
S01E216 - Guilty Until Proven Innocent
After Daku Rana gets his redemption from the people of Shirdi, he is seen with Sai at Dwarka Mai....
Diffusé le 24/07/2018
S01E217 - Sai\'s Miracle
Keshav returns from London after completing his studies and his family members are ecstatic to see...
Diffusé le 25/07/2018
S01E218 - Keshav\'s Transformation
Keshav finds it difficult to adjust to the environment where he was nurtured but Kulkarni is happy...
Diffusé le 26/07/2018
S01E219 - Keshav’s Perspective
After returning from London, Keshav has brought gifts for his family but unknowing of the cultures...
Diffusé le 27/07/2018
S01E220 - Sai Saves All
Laxmi takes Keshav’s cigar box and tells him to find her at Dwarka Mai. Keshav meets his old...
Diffusé le 28/07/2018
S01E221 - The Deranged Woman
Sai along with Laxmi and a few other village kids make a home for the lost puppy, sometime later...
Diffusé le 31/07/2018
S01E222 - A Pure Soul
Tulsa Tai, Mhalsapati's relative, seeks shelter in Mhalsapati house. The family members are...
Diffusé le 01/08/2018
S01E223 - The Price Of Freedom
Sai and a village girl, plan on letting caged birds escape, which she has bought. Mhalsapati’s...
Diffusé le 02/08/2018
S01E224 - The Gift Of Life
Sai and the two village kids, plan on setting the birds free. Meanwhile Keshav is practicing his...
Diffusé le 03/08/2018
S01E225 - Sai’s Eternal Bliss
Mhalsapati’s sister Tulsa is slowly deteriorating and Mhalsapati is eager to know what’s wrong...
Diffusé le 04/08/2018
S01E226 - Road to Recovery
Sai asks Tulsa to take care of Dwarkamai and asks Lakshmi to teach her the responsibilities. Sai...
Diffusé le 07/08/2018
S01E227 - Sai’s Patience
Tulsa now has the responsibility of looking after Dwarka Mai, and she isn’t all that equipped when...
Diffusé le 08/08/2018
S01E228 - Signs Of Improvement
Tulsa shows in her ways that she is on the road to recovery, her chaotic side has gone down and she...
Diffusé le 09/08/2018
S01E229 - A Personality Change
Following Sai's advise Tulsa sees a change in her personality. Even though the villagers mock Tulsa,...
Diffusé le 10/08/2018
S01E230 - The Ethics
Sai helps a poor villager, teaching him the value of life and how everything is connected to each...
Diffusé le 11/08/2018
S01E231 - The Righteous Path
Tulsa makes another mess and the people of Shirdi are suspecting that she might be a witch in...
Diffusé le 14/08/2018
S01E232 - The Witch
The people of Shirdi believe that a witch is behind the disappearance of children. The rumor goes...
Diffusé le 15/08/2018
S01E233 - Patience Is A Virtue
A group of women in Shridi is very sure that Tulsa is a witch, and they try their best to alert...
Diffusé le 16/08/2018
S01E234 - Sai’s Teachings
A group of people on Shirdi are convinced that Tulsa is a witch and she is here to do harm to...
Diffusé le 17/08/2018
S01E235 - When Reason Succumbs to Superstitious Belief
The villagers meet Kulkarni and inform that Tulsa is a witch and bringer of bad omen for Shirdi. One...
Diffusé le 18/08/2018
S01E236 - Tulsa’s Destiny
As Mhalsapati’s family is getting tired with Tulsa’s behavior, things are getting out of hands...
Diffusé le 21/08/2018
S01E237 - Disowned
Mhalsapati takes Tulsa back to her in-laws to find out that they have abandoned her. Nothing to do...
Diffusé le 22/08/2018
S01E238 - Conscience Stares Back
Bayaza Maa brings Tulsa back to her home, and gives her moral support and comfort. Mhalsapati’s...
Diffusé le 23/08/2018
S01E239 - Kulkarni’s Cruelty
Bayaza Maa is happy to see Sai. The news gets out, that Tulsa is staying at Bayaza Maa’s home and...
Diffusé le 24/08/2018
S01E240 - Tulsa Stands Strong
Sai and Bayaza Maa reach Kulkarni’s as soon as possible to witness the commoners of Shiridi trying...
Diffusé le 25/08/2018
S01E241 - Keshav Walks on a New Path
While Keshav's family members are busy making arrangements to celebrate Keshav's birthday,...
Diffusé le 28/08/2018
S01E242 - Keshav Tricks His Family
Kulkarni Sarkar’s son Keshav has indulged in a rather an upsetting habit of underage drinking....
Diffusé le 29/08/2018
S01E243 - Keshav Drowns in His Addiction
Keshav's addiction enslaves him. Due to his inebriated state, Keshav loses consciousness at the...
Diffusé le 30/08/2018
S01E244 - Path To Destruction
Tatya finds Keshav unconscious at the edge of the village, he brings Keshav home. Keshav’s mother...
Diffusé le 31/08/2018
S01E245 - Consequences Of Confusion
Abdul’s father gets a dream that Abdul is needed at Shirdi. Next morning he tells his son to move...
Diffusé le 01/09/2018
S01E246 - Abdul Arrives in Shirdi
Abdul arrives in Shirdi to meet Sai and starts training Sai. While training, Abdul is surprised as...
Diffusé le 04/09/2018
S01E247 - Abdul Gets a Family
Abdul saves Laxmi from the goons. Laxmi aids to an injured Abdul and thus Abdul finds a sister in...
Diffusé le 05/09/2018
S01E248 - The Limit Is Crossed
Keshav loses control over his addiction and has come to a point where he can do anything for his...
Diffusé le 06/09/2018
S01E249 - Keshav’s Web Of Lies
Keshav wanders of unable to handle his liquor consumption, his mother follows him to find him...
Diffusé le 07/09/2018
S01E250 - Keshav Opens Up
Both Ranu and Adbul are going through a bad misunderstanding. Both want to declare them self as...
Diffusé le 08/09/2018
S01E251 - Tension Mounts
Chihu Tai plays a prank on Kulkarni and then loses consciousness due to her inebriated state....
Diffusé le 11/09/2018
S01E252 - Keshav\'s Defiance
Kulkarni learns that Keshav is alcoholic and tries to punish him. However, Keshav retaliates and...
Diffusé le 12/09/2018
S01E253 - A New Commotion
Tatya finding Keshav drunk on the streets brings him to Sai for help. When this news reaches to...
Diffusé le 13/09/2018
S01E254 - Sai\'s Mircale
Sai meets an elderly couple, who are in need of help. Abdul and Ranoji compete with each other in...
Diffusé le 14/09/2018
S01E255 - The Undeniable Truth
As Tatya explains the real truth about Kehsav and his drinking habits to Kulkarni, he gets furious....
Diffusé le 15/09/2018
S01E256 - Sai Knows The Way
Ranu’s wife gets to know that he had been missing his work to serve Sai, but when confronted he is...
Diffusé le 18/09/2018
S01E257 - The Confrontation
Sai makes Keshav taste a dose of his own medicine but with a trick of his own. Keshav understands...
Diffusé le 19/09/2018
S01E258 - A Changed Keshav
Sai shows Keshav the spiritual path of truth. He gets mesmerized after learning what is right and...
Diffusé le 20/09/2018
S01E259 - Ranu Looses Himself
Too much of anything is not good, same applies when it’s devotion. Ranu loses his sense to become...
Diffusé le 21/09/2018
S01E260 - Resolving Differences
Abdul and Ranoji are put to test by Sai. Seeing the two competing with each other, Sai advises...
Diffusé le 22/09/2018
S01E261 - The Artist
Ganapat Rao arrives in Shirdi and meets Kulkarni. The meeting turns sour and Ganapat Rao walks out...
Diffusé le 25/09/2018
S01E262 - Intelligence Over Humility
Kulkarni Sarkar instructs Ganpat Rao that the only way for him to open his play, is he pays him five...
Diffusé le 26/09/2018
S01E263 - The Show Begins
As Ganpat Rao finally forgets all his disputes, it’s the first day of his play. People from all...
Diffusé le 27/09/2018
S01E264 - The Stage
Ganapat Rao insults Kulkarni and exacts revenge for the humiliation he had faced at the hands of...
Diffusé le 28/09/2018
S01E265 - Power In Unity
Ganpat Rao’s worries are solved with Sai’s one powerful command. All the villagers gather to...
Diffusé le 29/09/2018
S01E266 - Kulkarni\'s Plan
Ganapat Rao gets into an argument with one of the performer. Kulkarni decides to utilize this...
Diffusé le 02/10/2018
S01E267 - The Search Begins
Ganapat Rao holds auditions for the role of Damyanti. He rejects the idea of a non-singer playing...
Diffusé le 03/10/2018
S01E268 - Sai The Great
Sai’s power never misses to amaze people, and in times of eternal trouble only Sai can rescue all....
Diffusé le 04/10/2018
S01E269 - The Ultimate Truth
Sai’s powers and blessings saves another life once again, a poor couple comes to Sai with their...
Diffusé le 05/10/2018
S01E270 - Sai’s Is Supreme
When Sai gets his hands burnt, all the villagers help him out. Meanwhile Ganpat Rao is convinced...
Diffusé le 06/10/2018
S01E271 - The Whispers Of Fire
Gnapat Rao’s success has brought great thoughts of trouble to Kulkarni Sarkar and his next step to...
Diffusé le 09/10/2018
S01E272 - The Miracle
While the villagers rush to Ganpat Rao’s tent to burn it at once. Sai uses his mystical powers to...
Diffusé le 10/10/2018
S01E273 - Champa’s Innate Compulsion
Sai heads over to Champa’s family to try to make them understand what their daughter is capable...
Diffusé le 11/10/2018
S01E274 - Breaking the Barrier
Champa begins rehearsing for the play along with Ganapat Rao. Kulkarni's aides watch closely as the...
Diffusé le 12/10/2018
S01E275 - Champa’s First Show
A new avatar of Chamapa emerges out of the talented girl, and it’s time for her first play with...
Diffusé le 13/10/2018
S01E276 - The Gifts
Ganapat Rao showers Champa with gifts. Champa's parents are shocked as Ganapat Rao's generosity...
Diffusé le 16/10/2018
S01E277 - The Debt
Ganapat Rao shouts at Ballalpant for not carrying out his duties. He asks Ballalpant to get more...
Diffusé le 17/10/2018
S01E278 - The Contract
Kulkarni meets Ganapat Rao and reveals to him that he has unknowingly signed a contract, which was...
Diffusé le 18/10/2018
S01E279 - Kulkarni\'s Ploy
Ganapat Rao has no choice but to be a slave of Kulkarni as per the terms of the contract. Kulkarni...
Diffusé le 19/10/2018
S01E280 - The Truth
Ganapat Rao is forced to return people's money after the play gets cancelled. Kulkarni is relieved...
Diffusé le 20/10/2018
S01E281 - Sai\'s Miracle
Ganapat Rao is dejected by the loss he has incurred and decides to take the extreme step and end his...
Diffusé le 23/10/2018
S01E282 - A Free Man
Ganapat Rao is freed from slavery after he returns Kulkarni's money. Kulkarni is planning to...
Diffusé le 24/10/2018
S01E283 - Repentance
Sai informs Mhalsapati that his soul will leave his body for three days. Sai regrets having deceived...
Diffusé le 25/10/2018
S01E284 - Dwarkamai Beckons Sai\'s Devotees
Mhalsapati guards Sai's body. One by one, Sai's devotees gather around Dwarkamai. Each of Sai's...
Diffusé le 26/10/2018
S01E285 - Devotion to Sai
Sai's devotees gather around Sai in hopes of seeing Sai awaken from the long sleep. Baiza Maa is...
Diffusé le 27/10/2018
S01E286 - This Can\'t Be The End
When Anta and Banta spread the rumour that Sai is no more, Kulkarni Sarkar raves with pleasure that...
Diffusé le 30/10/2018
S01E287 -  The Reincarnation
It’s been over two days and Sai still lays cold and life less. Kulkarni Sarkar has his hands on...
Diffusé le 31/10/2018
S01E288 - Sai\'s Teachings
A man named Baburao meets Sai with a request that he find his missing son, Subodh. Sai asks Baburao...
Diffusé le 01/11/2018
S01E289 - The Tragedy
Sai makes Baburao realize his mistake and seek forgiveness from his father. Later, Sai rushes to...
Diffusé le 02/11/2018
S01E290 - When The Tough Gets Tougher
Mhalsapati and his wife are going crazy that their only son Malhari is no more. Their family is...
Diffusé le 03/11/2018
S01E291 - The Blessing
Sai reveals to Mhalsapati that Malhari will be reborn as his son next year. A year later, Mhalsapati...
Diffusé le 06/11/2018
S01E292 - Laxmi\'s Conscience
In the festive mood of Diwali, Laxmi has made mud lamps by her own hands to sell off in the market,...
Diffusé le 07/11/2018
S01E293 - Midst Of All The Lights
In the festive mood of Diwali, Shirdi is setting up its lights. While Laxmi and all of the other...
Diffusé le 08/11/2018
S01E294 - Light In The Land Of Darkness
Rohini Devi the blind poor woman, is guided by Sai's blessing to Dwarka Mai. When she arrives, it's...
Diffusé le 09/11/2018
S01E295 - A Purpose For Everyone
Sai with his powers has given Rohini her vision back, but she is a woman of hard work, her...
Diffusé le 10/11/2018
S01E296 - The Brother-Sister Bond
It's the occasion to celebrate the bond of brother-sister. Jhipri and Abdul celebrate this precious...
Diffusé le 13/11/2018
S01E297 - Rohini\'s Story
Seems like a happy day at Shirdi, and everyone is having a pleasant time with Sai. Meanwhile, a...
Diffusé le 14/11/2018
S01E298 - The Inner Calling
Sahdev opens up to Sai, sharing his insecurities and his kleptomaniac nature. Sai suggests him a way...
Diffusé le 15/11/2018
S01E299 - In Search Of A Better Life
SahDev follows Sai's instruction and tries to look for jobs around Shirdi. He wants to keep bust and...
Diffusé le 16/11/2018
S01E300 - Learning To Be Independent
Sahdev has got a job as Kulkarni Sarkar's Accountant. His family is very happy with the news but...
Diffusé le 17/11/2018
S01E301 - Sai\'s Miracle
Sahadev finds a job and starts working under Kulkarni. Before going out of Shirdi, Kulkarni warns...
Diffusé le 20/11/2018
S01E302 - Sahdev\'s Ugly Truth
Sahdev's sister and brother-in-law find all the stuff Sahdev swiped. They become ashamed and scared...
Diffusé le 21/11/2018
S01E303 - Kulkarni Swindles The Poor
When a poor villager goes up to Kulkarni Sarkar to demand his righteous investment. Kulkarni tricks...
Diffusé le 22/11/2018
S01E304 - A Change in Perspective
In this episode of Mere Sai, a man meets Sai with an unusual question: when will his fate change?...
Diffusé le 23/11/2018
S01E305 - Slipping Through The Fingers
The deck of cash that Sahdev swiped from Kulkarni Sarkar ends up as paper boats. When Kulkarni hears...
Diffusé le 24/11/2018
S01E306 - Sai\'s Perpetual Power
Sai is one holy man who has the power to change anything he touches. When a brawl between a father...
Diffusé le 27/11/2018
S01E307 - Rohini\'s Affliction
Rohini has left Shirdi to join her family, but things go horribly wrong. Her sons try forcing her...
Diffusé le 28/11/2018
S01E308 - The Righteous Lesson
Rohini's family has done the unthinkable, by pressuring her to hand over the household property. Sai...
Diffusé le 29/11/2018
S01E309 - Sai Returns to Shirdi
Madhav is worried about the deadline, which was given by Kulkarni. He is continuously mocked by...
Diffusé le 30/11/2018
S01E310 - Sai\'s Truth
Sai is disappointed with Madhav for being corrupt. Madhav begs forgiveness from Sai but Sahdev comes...
Diffusé le 01/12/2018
S01E311 - Episode 311
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Diffusé le 04/12/2018
S01E312 - Episode 312
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Diffusé le 05/12/2018
S01E313 - Episode 313
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Diffusé le 06/12/2018
S01E314 - Episode 314
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Diffusé le 07/12/2018
S01E315 - Episode 315
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Diffusé le 08/12/2018
S01E316 - Episode 316
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Diffusé le 11/12/2018
S01E317 - Episode 317
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Diffusé le 12/12/2018
S01E318 - Episode 318
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Diffusé le 13/12/2018
S01E319 - Episode 319
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Diffusé le 14/12/2018
S01E320 - Episode 320
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Diffusé le 15/12/2018
S01E321 - Episode 321
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Diffusé le 18/12/2018
S01E322 - Episode 322
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Diffusé le 19/12/2018
S01E323 - Episode 323
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Diffusé le 20/12/2018
S01E324 - Episode 324
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S01E325 - Episode 325
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S01E326 - Episode 326
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S01E327 - Episode 327
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S01E328 - Episode 328
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S01E329 - Episode 329
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S01E330 - Episode 330
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Diffusé le 29/12/2018
S01E331 - Episode 331
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Diffusé le 01/01/2019