Saison 16, épisode 41
Desperate Situation! Punk Hazard's Big Explosion (EN)
Situation désespérée ! La grande explosion de Punk Hazard (FR)
Diffusé le 11/11/2013
Monet was moments away from activating the self destruct button when she felt her heart being stabbed and collapses before dying. At the same time Caesar Clown stabbed the heart believing it to be Smoker's heart. The Straw Hats are still racing towards the exit of the collapsing lab when they felt the explosion of the SAD room and then saw Shinokuni on their trail. Smoker, seeing that they nearly reached safety, questioned Trafalgar Law of why did he possessed his heart the whole time. Trafalgar Law reveals the clever deception he played on the mad scientist where he returned the heart of Monet to Caesar without Caesar being the wiser. At the tanker, Baby 5's missile attack failed to take down Franky Shogun and their duel began anew whereas Buffalo contacted Doflamingo of the situation. After confirming that the island wasn't destroyed as intended, Doflamingo decided to tend to the matter himself and is seen somehow flying over the sea towards Punk Hazard.