Prithvi Vallabh

Prithvi Vallabh is a tale of two powerful states constantly at war. Mrinal of Manyakheta dynasty nursed an enmity against Malwa since childhood as they were responsible for her parents' death. The battle brings two warring souls; Mrinal and Prithvi face to face. The animosity leads to deception, and rejection that gradually transcends into a heart rending passionate love story- a love story that perhaps was never meant to be. Here is a unique story that starts with hatred in a battlefield and ends up becoming the biggest love story, one that has never been told before.

1 saison, 32 épisodes (45min)
Sony TV, en cours
Action Aventure Drama Fantastique
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - The Storm Is Here
The India of 10th Century Era was divided by a small estate. They used to fight with each other...
Diffusé le 21/01/2018
S01E02 - Attack on Prithvi
Mrinalvati is surprised by Prithvi Vallabh's skills after they are caught off-guard on the...
Diffusé le 22/01/2018
S01E03 - Mrinal Secretly Goes To Malwa
Malwa’s neighboring king Gohil enters Malwa with an excuse. Tailap tells Mrinal that she shall not...
Diffusé le 28/01/2018
S01E04 - Mrinal Enters The Palace
Mrinal plans a bomb attack on the palace wherever there is less public and says she will only kill...
Diffusé le 29/01/2018
S01E05 - Prithvi Thrown Out Of Malwa
Mrinal kidnaps Singhdant and takes him to some place. Prithvi takes responsibility of the blast.
Diffusé le 04/02/2018
S01E06 - Another Attack on Prithvi
Maha Kay asks Sindhu to get Prithvi killed. Kosha dances in the palace in front of Tailap and...
Diffusé le 05/02/2018
S01E07 - Mrinal\'s Hatred
Guru Aditya asks Mrinal to promise him something. Singhdant tells Maharani that he has hidden the...
Diffusé le 11/02/2018
S01E08 - Prithvi Seeks Some Answers
Prithvi is finally able to find the old lady in the jungle and seeks some answers from her. Mrinal...
Diffusé le 12/02/2018
S01E09 - The War Is Here
Tailap and Sindu fight in the war place. Prithvi wants to join the war but the old woman stops him...
Diffusé le 18/02/2018
S01E10 - Prithvi\'s Promise
Tailap is welcomed back by his people after winning the war. Singhdant asks Prithvi to end the...
Diffusé le 19/02/2018
S01E11 - Signs of War
Mrinal is determined to attack Malwa once again in order to exact revenge. She informs Tailap to...
Diffusé le 25/02/2018
S01E12 - The War Begins
Once again, the forces of Malwa and Manyakhet face-off on the battlefield. Mrinal is determined to...
Diffusé le 26/02/2018
S01E13 - Mrinal Is Imprisoned
Never in her wildest dreams, Mrinal would have thought that the place she despises the most: Malwa,...
Diffusé le 04/03/2018
S01E14 - The Masked Man
Prithvi disguises himself by wearing a mask and saves Mrinal and sneaks her out of Malwa before...
Diffusé le 05/03/2018
S01E15 - Prithvi\'s Plan
Mrinal is still in chains with Prithvi in disguise. Prithvi plans to get the truth out of Mrinal...
Diffusé le 11/03/2018
S01E16 - Attack on Mrinal
Mrinal sends Prithvi to meet her infiltrator in Malwa, Sulochna to get her help and sends a letter...
Diffusé le 12/03/2018
S01E17 - Kallari Is Captured
Sindhuraja tells Maha kay that they need a proof of Prithvi and Mrinal's death so they go to the...
Diffusé le 18/03/2018
S01E18 - Tensions Arise
Prithvi takes Mrinal to Rasnidhi and Princess Amrusha and tells them to take care of Mrinal at any...
Diffusé le 19/03/2018
S01E19 - Prithvi and Mrinal Arrested
King Singhdhant is dead and Mrinal is arrested as a suspect in his murder. Guru Aditya informs...
Diffusé le 01/04/2018
S01E20 - A Firstborn\'s Right
While the cremation rituals are going on, the news of Prithvi's escape reaches Guru Vinayaditya....
Diffusé le 02/04/2018
S01E21 - The Peace Treaty
Tailap gets to know about Singhdant's demise and that Mrinal has been accused of it. Prithvi meets...
Diffusé le 08/04/2018
S01E22 - Mrinal\'s Trauma
The war has been lost. Tailap returns to his kingdom to a rousing welcome. The cheers make Tailap...
Diffusé le 09/04/2018
S01E23 - Road to Manyakhet
Van Amma shows Prithvi the power of Gaj Kesari and tells him that he needs to go see Mrinal as only...
Diffusé le 15/04/2018
S01E24 - Aucun titre disponible
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Diffusé le 16/04/2018
S01E25 - Aucun titre disponible
Aucun résumé disponible pour cet épisode
Diffusé le 22/04/2018
S01E26 - Prithvi Is Adamant
Prithvi proposes a peace treaty and a marriage proposal for Mrinal to King Tailap. Vikramjeet...
Diffusé le 23/04/2018
S01E27 - Aucun titre disponible
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Diffusé le 29/04/2018
S01E28 - Aucun titre disponible
Aucun résumé disponible pour cet épisode
Diffusé le 30/04/2018
S01E31 - Ep 31
Aucun résumé disponible pour cet épisode
Diffusé le 13/05/2018
S01E32 - Ep 32
Aucun résumé disponible pour cet épisode
Diffusé le 14/05/2018
S01E33 - Ep 33
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Diffusé le 20/05/2018
S01E34 - Ep 34
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Diffusé le 21/05/2018