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Twice a week, SciShow Psych digs into the science! SciShow Psych is all about the human brain and how we humans interact with the world. Hosts Hank Green and Brit Garner explain ground-breaking studies and contextualize psychology throughout history.

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Épisodes de la saison 2017

S2017E01 - Is Psychology a Science?
Psychology research can be tricky, because brains are complicated. But does that mean it isn't a...
Diffusé le 07/03/2017
S2017E02 - Are Fandoms Good or Unhealthy Obsessions?
Internet fandoms can get... sort of intense, but is an unwavering devotion to your Hogwarts house an...
Diffusé le 10/03/2017
S2017E03 - Can You Really Multitask?
You can read a book while watching SciShow on your laptop, so you might think you are multitasking,...
Diffusé le 14/03/2017
S2017E04 - Your Most Vivid Memories Aren\'t As Accurate As You Think
We all have memories that seem like they happened yesterday, but can you really trust them?
Diffusé le 17/03/2017
S2017E05 - How Harry Potter Turns You Into A Wizard
Have you ever read Harry Potter and wished that you were a student at Hogwarts, studying magic with...
Diffusé le 21/03/2017
S2017E06 - Do Doorways Actually Make Us Forget Things?
Have you ever forgotten why you walked into a room? Turns out it's just your brain doing its job.
Diffusé le 24/03/2017
S2017E07 - Does Meditation Really Affect Your Brain?
You might think of meditation as just a New Age trend, but it may actually benefit your brain!
Diffusé le 28/03/2017
S2017E08 - How Do Babies Become Bilingual?
Have you ever seen a kid talk to her friends in English, but to her mom in Spanish? Learning a...
Diffusé le 31/03/2017
S2017E09 - How Your Memory Can Be Tricked
Do you remember what you did a week before today? And are you sure you actually did that instead of...
Diffusé le 04/04/2017
S2017E10 - Does Color Really Affect How You Act?
The Internet has a lot to say about how color affects our mood and behavior, but it's not as cut and...
Diffusé le 07/04/2017
S2017E11 - You Don\'t Have as Much Control as You Think You Do
Like a scene from a horror film, you are in a elevator, you push the close button —Hurry! The...
Diffusé le 11/04/2017
S2017E12 - How Well Do You Know Your Own Hand?
Tricking your brain isn't just fun—it can be therapeutic, too!
Diffusé le 14/04/2017
S2017E13 - Do Freudian Slips Mean Anything?
Freudian slips are actually an artifact of how your brain processes language!
Diffusé le 18/04/2017
S2017E14 - Impostor Syndrome: You\'re Doing Better Than You Think
Have you ever doubted yourself and felt like you don't deserve your job or that college acceptance...
Diffusé le 21/04/2017
S2017E15 - Are Violent Video Games Bad For You?
You might have heard that playing violent video games makes people more aggressive, but is it true...
Diffusé le 25/04/2017
S2017E16 - Do Personality Tests Mean Anything?
Like most quizzes on the internet, personality tests aren't what you would call "reliable."
Diffusé le 28/04/2017
S2017E17 - Does IQ Really Measure How Smart You Are?
People say Einstein had an IQ of 160, and you need an IQ score higher than 130 to join Mensa. But...
Diffusé le 02/05/2017
S2017E18 - How Stereotypes Affect Your Test Scores
It turns out stereotypes can affect you—whether you believe in them or not.
Diffusé le 05/05/2017
S2017E19 - How Your Friends Can Affect Your Opinions
The people around you have a lot more to do with how you think than you might realize.
Diffusé le 09/05/2017
S2017E20 - Why Does a Word Sometimes Lose All Meaning?
You may have experienced this before: When you repeat the same word over and over and over and over...
Diffusé le 12/05/2017
S2017E21 - Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?
I bet you’ve heard about the birth order cliche: The oldest child is responsible, the middle one...
Diffusé le 16/05/2017
S2017E22 - Is There An fMRI Crisis?
As technology becomes more complex, it's easier for things to go wrong.
Diffusé le 19/05/2017
S2017E23 - Do You Do More Housework Than Your Roommate?
You do way more housework than your slob of a roommate, right? Well, turns out your roommate might...
Diffusé le 23/05/2017
S2017E24 - Tasting Colors and Seeing Time: Superhuman Skills with Synesthesia
Synesthesia allows people to hear color or taste numbers—and maybe even remember some things...
Diffusé le 26/05/2017
S2017E25 - Why Do We Hate Losing So Much?
Whether people are gambling, haggling, or just doing their best to save lives out there, losing is...
Diffusé le 30/05/2017
S2017E26 - What Can You Learn from Your Dreams?
Dreaming is very weird, but you might be able to learn something from your dreams.
Diffusé le 02/06/2017
S2017E27 - Why Do People Riot?
Peaceful protests can help people have their voices heard, but sometimes a protest becomes a more...
Diffusé le 06/06/2017
S2017E28 - How Far Will People Go to Fit In?
Have you ever gone along with a group even though you had your doubts? You're not alone: Research...
Diffusé le 09/06/2017
S2017E29 - Why Do You Want to Squeeze Cute Things?
The aggressive urges you might have when you see adorable things are probably related to the way you...
Diffusé le 13/06/2017
S2017E30 - Why Don\'t You Notice Obvious Mistakes in Movies?
Whether it's a car in the background of Braveheart or the inconsistent cliff in Jurassic Park,...
Diffusé le 16/06/2017
S2017E31 - How Do You Define A Disorder?
The tremendous complexity of the human brain makes it difficult for psychologists to pin down...
Diffusé le 20/06/2017
S2017E32 - Does Photographic Memory Exist?
Don't you think it would be nice if you had a photographic memory? But is it actually a thing?
Diffusé le 23/06/2017
S2017E33 - Factitious Disorder: Why People Fake Serious Illness
You might have faked being sick to avoid doing something unpleasant. However, for people with the...
Diffusé le 27/06/2017
S2017E34 - Harlow\'s Horrifying Monkey Experiments
Dr. Harry Harlow's rhesus monkey experiments in the 1950s contributed a great deal to psychologists'...
Diffusé le 30/06/2017
S2017E35 - Can You Use Electricity to Supercharge Your Brain? | tDCS
tDCS devices claim to stimulate your brain and have psychological benefits, but do they really work?
Diffusé le 04/07/2017
S2017E36 - Do Fidget Spinners Really Help You Focus?
Earlier this year, fidget spinners claimed their place as the hot new fad of 2017. Some people,...
Diffusé le 07/07/2017
S2017E37 - Why Colleges Used to Take Nude Photos of Their Students
The first week of school can be uncomfortable enough as you adjust to a new situation, but it was...
Diffusé le 11/07/2017
S2017E38 - Why Do Some People Take More Risks?
You decide to do something dangerous or stupid, and somewhere in your mind you know it’s risky,...
Diffusé le 14/07/2017
S2017E39 - The Unexpected Benefits (and Risks) of Nostalgia
Psychologists consider nostalgia a complex emotion and it may have both benefits and risks.
Diffusé le 18/07/2017
S2017E40 - Do You Have an Unconscious Mind?
Much like the biological processes in the rest of your body, a lot of your brain's psychological...
Diffusé le 21/07/2017
S2017E41 - What Makes A Meme Go Viral?
Lots of funny and iconic memes arrive suddenly and overwhelmingly in our internet life, but what's...
Diffusé le 25/07/2017
S2017E42 - Why Do Some People Love Horror Movies?
Fear is strong negative feeling and a good way for our brains to keep us out of danger, so why do...
Diffusé le 28/07/2017
S2017E43 - How Pictures of Eyes Change the Way You Act
At some point, you may have noticed a poster or photo with eyes on it hanging somewhere public. What...
Diffusé le 01/08/2017
S2017E44 - Why Are We Attracted to People Who Look Like Us?
It's always a little weird when a couple looks like they could be related, but Brit explains the...
Diffusé le 04/08/2017
S2017E45 - Why Are Celebrity Crushes So Intense?
Your love for Rihanna or Tom Hardy may be unrequited, but that doesn't necessarily make it...
Diffusé le 08/08/2017
S2017E46 - What Do Different Brainwaves Mean?
The neurons in your brain don't just fire off randomly—they fire in various patterns called neural...
Diffusé le 11/08/2017
S2017E47 - Toxoplasmosis: How Parasites in Your Cat Can Infect Your Brain
"Crazy cat lady" stereotypes or not, there could be some actual psychological risks from hanging...
Diffusé le 15/08/2017
S2017E48 - How Swearing Can Help With Pain
If you've ever been chastised for erupting into profanity after stubbing your toe in the middle of...
Diffusé le 18/08/2017
S2017E49 - Why Do We Talk to Ourselves?
Do you mumble to yourself while looking for your keys, or pump yourself up in the morning with a...
Diffusé le 22/08/2017
S2017E50 - Are Power Poses Super Life Hacks or Super Junk?
Your body language can communicate a lot of information to other people, but can striking a power...
Diffusé le 25/08/2017
S2017E51 - How Do People Develop a Stutter?
Kings, scientists, and musicians alike have all been known to stutter. It can make speaking in front...
Diffusé le 29/08/2017
S2017E52 - When Does Your Brain Stop Developing?
How do you define adulthood? It's a difficult question because that delicate brain of yours stays...
Diffusé le 01/09/2017
S2017E53 - Why Are We Loyal to Certain Brands?
Why do people often buy the same brands over and over again?
Diffusé le 05/09/2017
S2017E54 - 4 Common Misconceptions About Antidepressants, Debunked
Mental health is incredibly complex, due in no small part to the complicated interactions of...
Diffusé le 08/09/2017
S2017E55 - Gaslighting: Abuse That Makes You Question Reality
The term "gaslighting" has gained popularity in recent years, but what exactly does it entail?
Diffusé le 12/09/2017
S2017E56 - This Illusion Might Not Work Depending on Where You\'re From
Optical illusions are a fun way to play with the way your brain interprets what your eyes see, but...
Diffusé le 15/09/2017
S2017E57 - How Ads (and People) Persuade You
If you can recognize when you're being persuaded, it's a lot easier to make sure your opinions are...
Diffusé le 19/09/2017
S2017E58 - Why Do We Sigh?
A sigh is often taken to be a sign of sadness, but it can indicate a lot more than that—or a lot...
Diffusé le 22/09/2017
S2017E59 - How Being Sick Changes Your Brain
When you’re sick you just want to be left alone. Sometimes that’s because you physically can’t...
Diffusé le 26/09/2017
S2017E60 - Why Is That Baby Staring at Me?
That baby is staring at you, and you don't know why. Something in your teeth? Did you accidentally...
Diffusé le 29/09/2017
S2017E61 - Why We Don\'t Like to Wait
It can be frustrating to get stuck in line somewhere with no end to your wait in sight, but what...
Diffusé le 03/10/2017
S2017E62 - What We Still Don\'t Know About Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome has become a pop culture cliché, but the truth behind it is a little more...
Diffusé le 06/10/2017
S2017E63 - What Makes Satisfying Videos Satisfying?
You might have stumbled onto those videos of people cutting sand for 10 minutes or of machines doing...
Diffusé le 10/10/2017
S2017E64 - How to Learn While You Sleep
You may not be able to unlock all the secrets of the universe while you snooze, but it's still...
Diffusé le 13/10/2017
S2017E65 - Why We Hate the Word \'Moist\'
SciShow Psych tackles the science behind what might be one of the most hated words in the English...
Diffusé le 17/10/2017
S2017E66 - What Makes Something Funny?
It's said that the quickest way to kill a joke is to explain it, but scientists are still interested...
Diffusé le 20/10/2017
S2017E67 - What Causes Near-Death Experiences?
The light at the end of the tunnel, the peacefulness, your life flashing before your eyes—it's all...
Diffusé le 24/10/2017
S2017E68 - The Hidden Biases in WEIRD Psychology Research
Psychology studies can be really skewed by the WEIRD population (western, educated, industrialized,...
Diffusé le 27/10/2017
S2017E69 - Why Are We Afraid of the Dark?
Lots of kids are afraid of the dark, and some adults still can't stand sleeping in the complete...
Diffusé le 31/10/2017
S2017E70 - Can Trauma Be Inherited?
Trauma doesn't just affect the person who originally experienced it. It can also be passed down to...
Diffusé le 03/11/2017
S2017E71 - The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Luck
A number of studies show that luck is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you can actually...
Diffusé le 07/11/2017
S2017E72 - Cotard\'s Syndrome: When People Believe They\'re Dead
What would happen if you realized that you've died, but your friends and family don't seem to...
Diffusé le 10/11/2017
S2017E73 - How Restaurants Use Psychology to Make You Spend More Money
Restaurants have a whole bucket-load of tricks up their sleeves to get you to spend more money.
Diffusé le 14/11/2017
S2017E74 - Why Is Yawning Contagious?
When you see someone yawn, you’re probably pretty likely to follow suit. But what makes it so...
Diffusé le 17/11/2017
S2017E75 - Does Giving Thanks Really Make Us Feel Good?
Researchers have found that the expression of gratitude gives positive effects on our both mental...
Diffusé le 21/11/2017
S2017E76 - Why We\'re OBSESSED with Pumpkin Spice
You may love or hate pumpkin spice, but it is undeniably an American cultural phenomenon. Luckily,...
Diffusé le 24/11/2017
S2017E77 - Dyslexia: When Your Brain Makes Reading Tricky
While many researchers are focusing on finding a difference in brains of people with dyslexia, some...
Diffusé le 28/11/2017
S2017E78 - Why You Can\'t Win an Internet Argument
One of the internet's favorite pastimes is arguing, but very few of those arguments ever actually go...
Diffusé le 01/12/2017
S2017E79 - Why You See Monsters in the Mirror
Staring into the mirror in a dark room can play some nasty tricks on your brain. Like many...
Diffusé le 05/12/2017
S2017E80 - Do Psychologists Still Use Maslow\'s Hierarchy of Needs?
You've probably seen the pyramidal diagram of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It's straightforward...
Diffusé le 08/12/2017
S2017E81 - How Chronic Stress Harms Your Body
We can’t avoid having stress, and that’s not always a bad thing. But if you are dealing with a...
Diffusé le 12/12/2017
S2017E82 - Why Do We Get the Winter Blues? | Seasonal Affective Disorder
Humans may not hibernate, exactly, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're totally unaffected by the...
Diffusé le 15/12/2017
S2017E83 - Are Repressed Memories Real?
You might have heard about repressed memories on TV, but those memories aren’t always what they...
Diffusé le 19/12/2017
S2017E84 - Codependency: When Relationships Become Everything
Interpersonal relationships are important to humans, but there are also times when these...
Diffusé le 22/12/2017
S2017E85 - Impulse Buying: Why You Buy Stuff You Don\'t Need
You may have noticed that checkout lines often have whozits and whatzits galore, but your opinion of...
Diffusé le 26/12/2017
S2017E86 - Misattribution: How We Mistake Fear for Love
Some emotions can feel so similar that you might mix them up and pick the wrong emotion.
Diffusé le 29/12/2017

Épisodes de la saison 2018

S2018E01 - How to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year
Failed at keeping your resolutions in the past? Psychologists have some insights and advice for you...
Diffusé le 02/01/2018
S2018E02 - 4 Common Misconceptions About OCD
The term "OCD" often gets thrown around lightly by people describing their affinity for neatness,...
Diffusé le 05/01/2018
S2018E03 - When Do Kids Develop Empathy?
Empathy is important for understanding the feelings and problems of other, but when do we develop...
Diffusé le 09/01/2018
S2018E04 - Alien Hand Syndrome: When a Limb Goes Rogue
What would you do if your hand seemed to develop a mind of its own, beyond your control?
Diffusé le 12/01/2018
S2018E05 - Me, Myself, and I: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Edward Norton and Jim Carrey might be charming actors, but their film portrayals of people with...
Diffusé le 16/01/2018
S2018E06 - Occupational Burnout: When Work Becomes Overwhelming
Even if you like your job, it’s not unusual to feel "burnout." But the idea of what that means has...
Diffusé le 19/01/2018
S2018E07 - Juvenoia: The Psychology Behind Millennial-Bashing
If you hate avocado-toast-loving, technology-addicted millennials, you might hate them for the wrong...
Diffusé le 23/01/2018
S2018E08 - Are You Doomed to Turn Into Your Parents?
Worried about turning into your parents? Hank unpacks the connection between personality, genetics,...
Diffusé le 26/01/2018
S2018E09 - The Truth About Subliminal Messages
Subliminal advertising would be every advertiser’s perfect fantasy and every consumer’s worst...
Diffusé le 30/01/2018
S2018E10 - Tourette Syndrome: What Makes People Tic?
The internet is full of all sorts of wild claims about shadow governments, lizard people, and the...
Diffusé le 02/02/2018
S2018E11 - Why Do So Many People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?
The internet is full of all sorts of wild claims about shadow governments, lizard people, and the...
Diffusé le 06/02/2018
S2018E12 - The Real Reason Kids Have Imaginary Friends
You might be concerned with your kids talking to their invisible friends, but those imaginary...
Diffusé le 09/02/2018
S2018E13 - Would You Be Able to See Through Superman\'s Disguise?
You might have wondered if putting on or taking off glasses is enough to completely transform Clark...
Diffusé le 13/02/2018
S2018E14 - What Many People Get Wrong About Schizophrenia
Scientists have learned a great deal about schizophrenia in the past few decades, but public...
Diffusé le 16/02/2018
S2018E15 - Does Psychotherapy Work?
You might’ve heard people talking about how awesome psychotherapy can be, but it is actually...
Diffusé le 20/02/2018
S2018E16 - Are Digital Screens Actually Bad For Kids?
From TVs to tablets, screens are ubiquitous in our modern society. What effect does that have on...
Diffusé le 23/02/2018
S2018E17 - How Ancient Viruses Might Have Changed Our Brains
Recent discoveries about the Arc protein have shown that its function and origin may be even more...
Diffusé le 27/02/2018
S2018E18 - Surprise! Your Brain Has a Secret Sewer System
Scientists have found a hidden network in the brain, and it might prevent people from developing...
Diffusé le 02/03/2018
S2018E19 - How Your Baby Changes Your Brain
You might feel overwhelmed, and have no idea what you're doing when you first have a baby, but...
Diffusé le 06/03/2018
S2018E20 - Does Everyone Have a \'Midlife Crisis\'?
Midlife crises are a common plot device in films, TV shows, and books. Like most psychological...
Diffusé le 09/03/2018
S2018E22 - Does Having Abusive Parents Mean You\'ll Become One?
Growing up in a violent household creates the risk of perpetuating that violence later in life, but...
Diffusé le 16/03/2018
S2018E23 - How Doctors Accidentally Discovered Psychiatric Drugs
The brain is incredibly complex and things just go wrong sometimes, but scientists have managed to...
Diffusé le 20/03/2018
S2018E24 - Should You Stop Saying \'Like\' and \'Um\'?
Y’know lots of people say you shouldn’t use, like...filler words, but uh, should you really...
Diffusé le 23/03/2018
S2018E26 - The Dangerous History of Electroconvulsive Therapy
We’ve had a number of false starts that did more harm than good to figure out new treatments, and...
Diffusé le 30/03/2018
S2018E27 - The Complex Bond Between Hoarders and Their Stuff
We all struggle with clutter, but something quite distinct might be happening in the brains of those...
Diffusé le 03/04/2018
S2018E28 - Is Passive-Aggressiveness a Personality Disorder?
You might have a roommate who rolls their eyes a lot and leaves sassy sticky notes all over the...
Diffusé le 06/04/2018
S2018E30 - Are You Really Addicted to Your Phone?
Are millennials addicted to their phones? Is that even a thing that can happen?!
Diffusé le 13/04/2018
S2018E31 - Why Do So Many People Share and Believe Fake News?
Fake news spreads across the Internet like wildfire, and might even spread more quickly than real...
Diffusé le 17/04/2018
S2018E32 - Is Cheese Really as Addictive as Cocaine?
Every so often, a headline pops up comparing cheese to cocaine. The reality of the situation is far...
Diffusé le 20/04/2018
S2018E33 - Why \'Dad Jokes\' Aren\'t Bad Jokes
If, when your childhood pet passed away, your father remarked, “Well, I’ll be dog-gone,” you...
Diffusé le 24/04/2018
S2018E34 - Can Exercise Treat Depression?
There are lots of good reasons to exercise, but it can also make you feel happier.
Diffusé le 27/04/2018
S2018E35 - Does Your Dog Love You?
You might love your good, sweet pupper, but can you ever truly be sure if they love you back?
Diffusé le 01/05/2018
S2018E36 - How Liver Problems Can Lead to Brain Disease
We tend to focus on the brain in psychology, but it's part of an entire system! Other organs, even...
Diffusé le 04/05/2018
S2018E37 - Alcoholism: How much is too much?
An excessive amount of alcohol can cause lots of problems, but lots of people drink fairly regularly...
Diffusé le 08/05/2018
S2018E38 - What Happens in the Brain During a Coma?
Patients in comas might look like they’re sleeping, but there are pretty fascinating things...
Diffusé le 11/05/2018
S2018E57 - What Do \
Nootropics are a group of chemicals that supposedly make you “smarter” without any side-effects....
Diffusé le 17/07/2018
S2018E58 - Is the Bystander Effect Real?
How much does the presence of other people affect our willingness to step in when someone needs...
Diffusé le 20/07/2018
S2018E59 - How Different Types of Alcohol Affect Your Emotions
Despite popular belief, different types of drinks shouldn’t make you feel any differently because...
Diffusé le 24/07/2018
S2018E60 - Why Pregnancy Makes You Forgetful... but Helps Your Baby
Baby brain, pregnancy brain, momnesia—the fogginess that can appear during pregnancy goes by many...
Diffusé le 27/07/2018
S2018E61 - Will Video Games Eventually Replace Your Therapist?
You might have heard that video games are bad for you, but psychologists think they might be a...
Diffusé le 31/07/2018
S2018E62 - When Waking up After Decades Turned out to Be Temporary
Around 1917, an unknown illness dubbed "sleeping sickness" caused people to suffer severe sleepiness...
Diffusé le 03/08/2018
S2018E63 - How Auditory Illusions Trick Your Brain into Hearing Things
Your brain relies a lot on context to tell you what sounds are bouncing around in your ears, and...
Diffusé le 07/08/2018
S2018E64 - To Heal the Brain, Sometimes We Need to Damage It
Brain damage is usually a bad thing, but sometimes the best option is actually to damage the brain...
Diffusé le 10/08/2018
S2018E65 - Why Do You Sabotage Yourself Before a Big Test? - Self-Handicapping
It’s pretty common to procrastinate before a big exam or an important presentation, and those...
Diffusé le 14/08/2018
S2018E66 - How Twitter Bots Use Psychology to Fool You
Whether in a good way or a bad way, Twitter bots use psychology to trick you.
Diffusé le 17/08/2018
S2018E67 - What Does Pornography Do to Your Brain?
Watching pornography won’t make you go blind, but research indicates it may affect your...
Diffusé le 21/08/2018
S2018E68 - Do Trigger Warnings Really Help?
Trigger warnings are a relatively new (and divisive) concept, but do they really help?
Diffusé le 24/08/2018
S2018E69 - How Does Reverse Psychology Work?
Oh hey, seems like reverse psychology works to motivate you to check out this video! Now, let us...
Diffusé le 28/08/2018
S2018E70 - Why People Are Sending Themselves Hate Messages
You might be familiar with the concept of self-harm, but it isn’t just physical. As it turns out,...
Diffusé le 31/08/2018
S2018E71 - Did We Just Figure Out How to Program a Brain?
Scientists have developed a new way to activate neurons in the brain, which brings us one step...
Diffusé le 04/09/2018
S2018E72 - 3 Ways Money Could Buy You Happiness
Money can’t directly buy happiness, but there are ways you can spend it that might help.
Diffusé le 07/09/2018
S2018E73 - The Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression
Depression is not just feeling hopeless or apathetic, there are lots more symptoms that we aren’t...
Diffusé le 11/09/2018
S2018E74 - Does a Bigger Brain Make You Smarter?
In some cartoons, the one with a bigger brain is often described as "smart," but is it true in real...
Diffusé le 14/09/2018
S2018E75 - Can You Really Tell if Someone is Lying to You?
The internet is full of tips, tricks, and strategies to tell when somebody is lying, but the reality...
Diffusé le 18/09/2018
S2018E76 - Why Just Smiling Could Make You Feel Happier
Being happy makes you smile, but that might just work the other way around, too.
Diffusé le 21/09/2018
S2018E77 - How To Make Eyewitness Testimony More Reliable
Eyewitness testimony can be really important when investigating crimes, but how can we make them...
Diffusé le 25/09/2018
S2018E78 - Why Do People Join Cults?
It’s easy to assume that people who join cults have something wrong with them, but usually the...
Diffusé le 28/09/2018
S2018E79 - Real Pain and \'Explosive\' Brains | Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is not a well-understood malady, but scientists are making breakthroughs that could...
Diffusé le 03/10/2018
S2018E80 - Why We\'re Bad at Guessing Other People\'s Motives
Reading someone’s mind is an impossible task, but even just guessing at why they do the things...
Diffusé le 05/10/2018
S2018E81 - Is Everyone A Little Bit Racist? - Implicit Bias
Many companies have offered diversity trainings to teach their employees about implicit biases. But...
Diffusé le 09/10/2018
S2018E82 - Why We Hide Our Good Deeds
It doesn’t make much sense when we try to hide our good deeds, even though we know that we would...
Diffusé le 12/10/2018
S2018E83 - Why Do Good People Sometimes Do Bad Things?
Sometimes knowing you’re a good person might make you more susceptible to doing not so good...
Diffusé le 16/10/2018
S2018E84 - Why Comic Sans Isn\'t the Worst Font Ever
Nothing can undo the invention of Comic Sans, but that may not be a bad thing since it seems to be...
Diffusé le 19/10/2018
S2018E85 - Why Our Brains Recognize Faces So Easily... or Fail at It
We are constantly recognizing faces countless times a day, but how do our brains distinguish those...
Diffusé le 23/10/2018
S2018E86 - Why the Way Back Feels Shorter (Even When it Isn\'t)
You might have felt that coming back from somewhere seems to take less time than getting there did....
Diffusé le 26/10/2018
S2018E87 - Why You\'ll Never See Your Eyes Move in a Mirror
Your brain does a lot to smooth out your visual experience of the world… including the closest...
Diffusé le 30/10/2018
S2018E88 - 3 Strategies to (Kind of) Change Someone\'s Opinions
You might not be able to completely reverse a person’s stance on any given issue, but you might be...
Diffusé le 02/11/2018
S2018E89 - Do Weighted Blankets Really Do Anything?
If you’ve used a weighted blanket before, you might have felt how weirdly comforting it is, but...
Diffusé le 06/11/2018
S2018E90 - Here\'s When You Should Trust Your Gut
Trusting your gut may not sound like a reliable way to make decisions, but the research points to...
Diffusé le 09/11/2018
S2018E91 - How Dangerous Is Loneliness, Really?
Loneliness isn’t much fun, but it might also be harmful to your heart—not just in a metaphorical...
Diffusé le 13/11/2018
S2018E92 - Why Having a Baby Can Cause Depression in Both Parents
Having a baby is almost always stressful, but it can sometimes be worse than that, and postpartum...
Diffusé le 16/11/2018
S2018E93 - Why You Might Not Want to Be \'The Smart Kid\'
Whether or not you think of yourself as "the smart kid" might affect your grades a lot more than how...
Diffusé le 20/11/2018
S2018E94 - 3 Baffling Depression Treatments and Why They Might Work
Scientists have found some effective alternative treatments for patients with treatment-resistant...
Diffusé le 23/11/2018
S2018E95 - Why Do You Feel Like You\'re Being Watched?
Sometimes it just feels like someone is staring at you, even if you can’t see them. It can be...
Diffusé le 27/11/2018
S2018E96 - How Facing Your Fears Can Help You Conquer Them
You may have heard that facing your fears is the best way to overcome them, but there’s a little...
Diffusé le 30/11/2018
S2018E97 - The Benefits of Being Easily Distracted
We place a lot of value on productivity, and being distracted can lower your performance on specific...
Diffusé le 04/12/2018
S2018E98 - What It\'s Like to Have a Near-Perfect Memory
Having a perfect memory sounds like the most amazing thing ever, but there's also a downside of...
Diffusé le 07/12/2018
S2018E99 - Why You Probably Can\'t Predict Your Own Happiness
Humans generally have a good idea of whether something will make us happy or unhappy, but it turns...
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