Saison 3, épisode 7
Toffee (EN)
Toffee (FR)
Diffusé le 16/07/2017
Star attacks Ludo at the castle but Ludo suddenly stops when he gets a signal from his hand. Star tells Ludo that Toffee is controlling him, but Spider is able to capture her in the meantime. Marco breaks her out and calls the entertainers (called Le Resistance) but Ludo arrives and imprisons them except for Star. Ludo asks Star about his wand hand. While Queen Moon and Buff Frog break Marco out, Star agrees to use the whispering spell to free the magic in the wand and there is a big blast. Star finds herself in a sea of dark magic inside Ludo's body, and Ludo is taken over by Toffee again. Queen Moon agrees to return Toffee's finger in exchange for Star's freedom. Toffee resurrects, but tells them that Star is gone. But as he leaves, Star is able to find her magic and come out to Mewni. She defeats Toffee with a magical blast from her restored wand; Ludo drops a pillar on Toffee to finish him off. Ludo asks Star to send him back to the void so he can find himself some more. While King River returns on some eagles, Queen Moon checks on Eclipsa who is still encased in crystal, however as Moon leaves, the crystal that holds Eclipsa starts to crack.