Tell Me a Story (US)

Les contes les plus célèbres revisités de manière sombre et tordue dans le New York d'aujourd'hui...

1 saison, 6 épisodes (50min)
CBS All Access, en cours
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - Chapter 1: Hope
Troubled teen Kayla and her dad, Tim, try to make a fresh start at grandmother Colleen's home....
Diffusé le 01/11/2018
S01E02 - Chapter 2: Loss
Jordan helps the police pinpoint one of the masked robbers of the jewelry heist. After their...
Diffusé le 09/11/2018
S01E03 - Chapter 3: Greed
Fed up with the police's investigation, Jordan's need for answers quickly veers towards obsession....
Diffusé le 16/11/2018
S01E04 - Chapter 4: Rage
When the police fail to act, Jordan takes matters in his own hands and pursues the littlest pig...
Diffusé le 23/11/2018
S01E05 - Chapter 5: Madness
Gabe leads Hannah to an unwelcome figure from their past. Armed with the identity of two of the...
Diffusé le 30/11/2018
S01E06 - Chapter 6: Guilt
Kayla spends a day in the city with Nick, gaining a new perspective on not only their relationship...
Diffusé le 07/12/2018
S01E07 - Chapter 7
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Diffusé le 14/12/2018
S01E08 - Chapter 8: Truth
Aucun résumé disponible pour cet épisode
Diffusé le 21/12/2018
S01E09 - Chapter 9
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Diffusé le 28/12/2018