Saison 7, épisode 5
Create, Brand and Launch a Pet Food (EN)
Create, Brand and Launch a Pet Food (FR)
Diffusé le 02/06/2011
In a pre-recorded briefing via a giant screen flanked by Karren and Nick, Lord Sugar has called the candidates to an advertising agency. Their task will be to create, brand and pitch a new pet food. But before they start Nick has a message from the boss - once again he picks the team leaders. One team chooses dogs, the other cats. Both teams split - one half to Lincolnshire to create the food, the other half staying at the agency to name and brand the product. Supported by Britain's biggest pet food manufacturer it looks like a breeze, but soon the teams are making some fateful decisions, sweeping aside advice from pet-loving focus groups and inventing product names so leftfield that even teammates can't understand them. Professional packaging for their products restores confidence momentarily, but the next job - to make commercials - plunges the teams into more confusion as they try to get creative. Animal auditions prove tricky and casting a male voice for a sexy female cat puts an actor on the spot. As the results are pitched to pet food experts and ad-men, optimism turns to cold reality. Analysis is fed back to Lord Sugar and the boardroom battle begins. No amount of barking or begging can save the doomed when it comes to the master's fateful command - 'You're fired'.