Saison 8, épisode 10
Discount Dealing (EN)
Discount Dealing (FR)
Diffusé le 24/05/2012
The candidates are called to meet Lord Sugar on a rooftop overlooking the City of London, where countless financial deals are done on a daily basis. For one day only, the teams will be representing an online daily deals website that offers Londoners exclusive deals in hotel stays, beauty treatments, posh dinners and premium products. It is a test in the teams' negotiation skills; they must strike the right deal, get a good discount and deliver their offers to the website by 7pm that evening. Nick and Karren watch on as the teams get increasingly desperate in their attempts to secure quality deals at the right price. Businesses are bemused as candidates try to negotiate offers on everything from candles and teeth whitening to five-star meals and fish pedicures. With the deadline looming, tensions and negotiations reach fever pitch and both teams face a final dash to the website's HQ to have their deals approved; only those that meet the website's exacting standards will go live for twenty four hours. In the boardroom there is a landslide victory, and the losers mount a desperate bid to stay in the running; it seems that no-one is safe from those fateful words: 'You're fired'.