Saison 3, épisode 6
Episode 6 (EN)
Episode 6 (FR)
Diffusé le 05/04/2017
Rare okapi Stomp must woo female K'Tusha, the African painted dogs compete to be pack leader, and Raja the Bornean river turtle meets two prospective mates. Okapis are a highly-endangered relative of the giraffe; in the wild they're only found in the Congo. At Chester Zoo, 13-year-old male okapi Stomp is being encouraged to mate with younger female K'Tusha. But on his first attempt, Stomp snaps his horn and causes K'Tusha a minor injury. They're separated until Stomp's horn can be sanded down and he can try again. African painted dog brothers Ivar and Ville have been enjoying a bachelor lifestyle. But with two new females, Kite and K'mana, arriving at the zoo, the brothers struggle to be top dog. African painted dogs are skilled hunters, and when they turn on each other the fighting can be serious. Meanwhile, Bornean river turtle Raja has been on his own for 18 months, but now female turtles Gerda and Greta have arrived from Holland, and Raja mates with Gerda underwater.