Saison 5, épisode 1
Episode 1 (EN)
Episode 1 (FR)
Diffusé le 19/04/2018
Sumatran orangutan sisters Emma and Subis are, unusually, due to give birth at the same time, after male Puluh got them both pregnant. When Emma appears one morning with her new baby, it seems that Subis is going into labour. But after 24 hours of no progress, she is rushed to the vet for a possible caesarean section. What happens next is highly unexpected and shocks the team. Two-horned chameleon Ruby arrived at Chester after being transported illegally by pet traders and seized at customs. The zoo wants to breed her to help preserve the species, and Charles and Eddie are the two candidates. But chameleons are notoriously picky about mates, and Charles and Eddie will have to display themselves in front of each other to get Ruby in the mood.