You Me Her

Un couple décide d'engager une escort girl pour pimenter leur vie sexuelle, mais les choses prennent un tournant inattendu quand les sentiments s'en mêlent.

3 saisons, 30 épisodes (30min)
Audience Network, en cours
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Épisodes de la saison 1

S01E01 - Cigarettes and Funions and Crap
Suburban Portland couple Emma and Jack Trakarsky are totally in love but seriously lacking spice....
Diffusé le 23/03/2016
S01E02 - Can You be Cool?
As Jack, Emma, and Izzy try to put the mother of all weird days behind them, Emma reveals a secret,...
Diffusé le 30/03/2016
S01E03 - No Penetration
Jack, Izzy, and Emma, all together for the first time, agree to keep their relationship a business...
Diffusé le 06/04/2016
S01E04 - Check a Box
Jack and Emma start to wonder if they're on the same page. Izzy tries to find stability in...
Diffusé le 13/04/2016
S01E05 - Niece Jackie
Izzy, Emma and Jack cope with the real world consequences of their burgeoning alt relationship.As...
Diffusé le 20/04/2016
S01E06 - The T Word
Emma, Jack et Izzy passent leur première nuit à trois. Andy tente de découvrir le secret d'Izzy....
Diffusé le 27/04/2016
S01E07 - The Morning After
The awkward morning after dredges up old fears for Jack and Emma and wounded feelings for Izzy. With...
Diffusé le 04/05/2016
S01E08 - The Relationship More Populated
With blackmail and hurt feelings accumulating all around them, Emma and Jack decide the only way to...
Diffusé le 11/05/2016
S01E09 - Sweet Home Colorado
After their wild home date turns into a tearful breakup, Izzy decides she needs to move back home to...
Diffusé le 18/05/2016
S01E10 - Trope Isn\'t a Four Letter Word
Coming together turned their lives upside down, but as much as Jack, Emma, and Izzy try to hide it,...
Diffusé le 25/05/2016

Épisodes de la saison 2

S02E01 - Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames
In the Season 2 premiere, the now official "throuple" commit to cohabitation, face the disapproval...
Diffusé le 15/02/2017
S02E02 - Like Riding a Vagina Bike
The throuple "come out" at a neighborhood party, spinning the gathering out of control and cracking...
Diffusé le 22/02/2017
S02E03 - Remember, Ruby, Remember
Jack confronts Emma about inviting Izzy to move in without discussing it with him first. Leaving her...
Diffusé le 01/03/2017
S02E04 - Cat in the Box
It's "Dudes and Chicks Night in Hawthorne Heights. While the women introduce Molly to their wine...
Diffusé le 08/03/2017
S02E05 - Stoner Sensai\'s Secrets of Love
Jack's still caved out at big bro's house, Izzy's trying to coax the married couple back together,...
Diffusé le 15/03/2017
S02E06 - What the F Is Wrong With You Trakarskys?
Good news, Izzy's not pregnant, so why's she housecleaning away her feelings again? Jack inches...
Diffusé le 22/03/2017
S02E07 - Weird Janis and the White Trash Baby Vessel
With the happy throuple reunited, how can they explain Izzy's presence to Emma's old school parents?...
Diffusé le 29/03/2017
S02E08 - Freaky Little Love Poodles
Jack and Emma convince her parents that Izzy's their surrogate, but then the throuple's rouse...
Diffusé le 05/04/2017
S02E09 - Silver Linings and Vodka
Izzy and Emma are stunned by Jack's proposal: What if the three of them really did have a baby...
Diffusé le 12/04/2017
S02E10 - Baby, Baby Where Did Our Love Go?
Jack wants a baby, Izzy wants a baby, everybody wants a baby... right? With the dazzling offer from...
Diffusé le 19/04/2017

Épisodes de la saison 3

S03E01 - Dickless in Seattle
Four months later, Emma’s still in Seattle, climbing her way to the top of the Pinnacle ladder...
Diffusé le 21/03/2018
S03E02 - I Said Make Up
Jack and Emma are forced to spend an afternoon together divvying up their stuff. Someone very...
Diffusé le 28/03/2018
S03E03 - Tourist Lesbians and Millennial Twats
Reeling from a huge mistake, Emma seeks solace in Carmen. Izzy tries to focus on completing her...
Diffusé le 04/04/2018
S03E04 - Inconceivable!
Emma hides two very big secrets from Kylie. Izzy's father Ben wants to be part of her life again....
Diffusé le 11/04/2018
S03E05 - Welcome to the Tiger Cage
Izzy grows ever more suspicious of Emma's return to Portland and Jack's increasingly odd behavior....
Diffusé le 18/04/2018
S03E06 - Fool Me Once? Shame on You. Fool Me Twice? Blow Me
Jack and Ben finally meet but Jack's got a more pressing issue on his mind. Emma tries to apologize...
Diffusé le 25/04/2018
S03E07 - Hold Onto Your Ovaries
At Carmen and Hannah's magazine launch party, Emma corners Izzy in a Hail Mary attempt to get her...
Diffusé le 02/05/2018
S03E08 - The Insidious Lure of Pumpkin Spice
Nina's emerging feelings for Shaun are complicated when Andy pops back up with one hell of a story....
Diffusé le 09/05/2018
S03E09 - Asshole, Other Asshole, and the Depressive Muppet
Jack and Emma pressure Izzy to give Seattle a chance, and she volleys back an ultimatum. As Carmen's...
Diffusé le 16/05/2018
S03E10 - You Be You And I\'ll Be Me
The complex realities of polyamory and "throupling": What happens when this peculiar rom-com fades...
Diffusé le 23/05/2018